Woman hands breaking an egg to separate egg- white and yolks and egg shells at the background chicken feather background

Why Do Chickens Molt?

The first signs of fall are typically falling leaves and colder temperatures. But if you’re a chicken owner, those signs will also be accompanied by your chickens molting. While this is a completely normal process that your chickens will go through each year, you may be wondering why it happens. Read on to learn more:… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Having a Rooster

The Pros and Cons of Having a Rooster

As you begin to raise backyard chickens, an obvious question that you may be asking yourself is, “Should I have a rooster?” While roosters can protect your flock from predators, they can also be hostile, causing harm to your flock or to yourself. Here we sort through the pros and cons of having a rooster… Read more »

hen with baby chicks outside

Common Signs Your Chicken Isn’t Feeling Well

Chickens, unfortunately, can’t talk. As such, it’s hard to tell what’s on their mind or how they’re doing. If your chickens aren’t feeling well, they can’t tell us, but there will be signs. Here, we go through some of the most common signs your chicken isn’t feeling well so you can get them back to… Read more »

chicken coop in backyard

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Readymade Coop

When starting a backyard flock, many people decide to build their own chicken coops. However, not everyone has the time, tools, or skills to do so. Buying a readymade chicken coop is a perfectly acceptable alternative. However, since you’ll be relying on someone else to build it, you’ll need to ensure that it has everything… Read more »

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Why You Should Always Raise More Than One Chicken

If you stayed home alone all day, every day, chances are you’d start to get lonely. Our chickens are just the same. Chickens are social animals, and they need other chickens around them in order to be happy. Here are a few reasons why that is: More chickens will keep away predators A single chicken… Read more »

eggshells in a bowl on a table wrinkly eggs

What Causes Wrinkly Eggs?

You’re collecting your hens’ eggs for the day when you notice something you’ve never seen before: a wrinkly egg. While not particularly common, wrinkled eggs can occur especially from older layers. Understandably, chicken owners will have plenty of questions about these wrinkly eggs and what causes them. Thankfully, we have answers. Infectious Bronchitis Infectious bronchitis… Read more »

young woman shopping for chicken meat at grocery store

How to Buy Ethically Sourced Meat

Many humans rely on a diet of meat and plants to stay healthy. Unfortunately, much of the meat we buy comes from factory farms that force animals to live under cruel conditions. Just because an animal is to be slaughtered for meat does not mean it shouldn’t be treated well and with respect during its… Read more »

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Common Chick Injuries and How to Treat and Prevent Them

When you start raising chicks, you want to keep them safe and healthy. Unfortunately, chicks are susceptible to accidents. It’s all too easy for them to get injured, sometimes seriously so. Thankfully, you can take steps to prevent these injuries and, if they do occur, treat them. Here, we go through some of the most… Read more »