Jumbo Cornish Cross

Buy Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens at Chickens for Backyards to add to your poultry farm or backyard flock. If you are looking for boiler chickens to use primarily for meat production, Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens are the ideal selection. These chickens reach their full size in just under two months, usually between 5 to 6 pounds.

Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens are used in commercial meat production, and they can also be used in free-range farms. As this chicken breed has been selected for its production characteristics, it is not a good breed to keep as a pet. The Jumbo Cornish Cross is a manageable and hardy breed, able to withstand most weather types, and will get along well with other chickens. With their generally short lifespan, Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens to not require much feed and are known to be a cost-efficient, productive breed.

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Order a small flock of Jumbo Cornish Cross to start working with broilers or expand your current flock with a larger order.

Chickens For Backyards

Chickens For Backyards