Bantams - Sexed

Bantams are a common favorite for smaller backyard flocks. Chickens for Backyards supplies bantam sexed baby chicks for sale in many different breeds so you can easily select the perfect type. With different colors, hardiness and personalities, it is important to know what the purpose of your flock is when you are selecting chickens.

Bantams are usually about half the size of other chickens. They are preferred for their smaller size, as they eat less and require less space to be comfortable. They also produce smaller eggs and produce less meat. Bantam males are also typically more aggressive than other chickens and the females are more protective of their eggs. For these reasons, bantam chickens are preferred for hobby flocks, especially when space is limited. When you are considering mixing Bantams and larger chickens, make sure there are enough food, space and shelter for all chickens, so larger birds don’t injure smaller ones in fights over resources.

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Chickens For Backyards

Chickens For Backyards