Shipping Charges

Kids holding Shipping Box with Chickens inside.

Example of what your shipping box will look like!

3-14 Birds: $34.99
w/ Mix & Match Option

15-24 Birds: $29.95*
w/ Mix & Match Option

25-49 Birds: $39.95*
w/ Mix & Match Option

50-99 Birds: $49.99*
w/ Mix & Match Option

100-199 Birds: $74.99*
w/ Mix & Match Option

200-300 Birds: $104.99*
w/ Mix & Match Option

300 + Birds: Please Call for Shipping Charges

*Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will be charged an additional $25 in shipping.

All Supplies Ship FREE!

Important USPS Tracking Number Notes

The USPS Tracking Information could show inaccurate or dated information. It is a bit tricky when shipping live poultry.

  • The tracking ID listed above will not be assigned to your package until it is scanned at a postal facility, which could be as late as midnight on the day of postmark in certain circumstances.
  • The USPS sometimes reuses these tracking numbers. If you see tracking information that has dated or completely incorrect information, this may be why. The correct information will appear when the package is scanned at the originating postal facility. Please recheck your Tracking ID at a later time.
  • The Tracking ID system that the USPS uses is NOT a complete, real-time report of the package’s location, and the system is still in its infancy. Please do not panic if the Tracking ID information shows that the package has not moved, or doesn’t appear to be making progress.
  • Tracking information is ultimately provided by the USPS. We do what we can but ultimately are not responsible for the accuracy of the tracking information.