White Egg Layers

Start your egg-laying brood or expand with white egg layers: baby chicks for sale from Chickens for Backyards. We have two species of white egg-layers, including the classic White Leghorn and more brightly colored Brown Leghorn. Both of these chickens are similar in size, production and behavior, and their biggest difference is in their coloration.

White Leghorns are one of the most common and classic chicken varieties. This species is commonly used on large commercial farms in producing white eggs, though both White or Brown Leghorns will also thrive in free-range or cage-free farms. These two chickens are commonly smaller than their brown egg-laying sisters, so they are generally cheaper to care for, as they require less feed. When choosing between White Leghorns and Brown Leghorns, the biggest difference is their coloration. For free-range farms that might be susceptible to predators, Brown Leghorns will have better natural camouflage.

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Order white egg layers for your poultry farm. Choose a small or large number of white egg laying chicks for sale and mix and match brown and white egg-layers if you prefer.

Chickens For Backyards

Chickens For Backyards