Austra White

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The Austra White was first developed in Oregon in the early 1900s. This chicken is a cross between a Black Australorp rooster and a White Leghorn hen. Chickens for Backyards uses production breed stock on both sides, resulting in an outstanding dual-purpose meat-and-egg bird. Austra Whites lay well, like the Leghorn, but are heavier and less flighty.

The roosters are pure white with bright red single combs. The hens are white with a few black spots on their feathers.

As a hybrid cross, the Austra White is not recognized by the American Poultry Association. Because they are hybrids, mating a rooster and hen won’t result in Austra White chicks. The only way to make more Austra Whites is to mate a production Black Australorp rooster with a White Leghorn hen.

Austra Whites are an excellent choice for the homestead,. They provide both excellent meat and an abundance of eggs. They are early maturing active chickens that like to forage, but they are also gentle and friendly around people.

 Egg Color Cream White to Light Brown  Hardiness Cold & Heat
 Egg Size Large  Broody Rarely
 Production Very Good  Hen Weight 5 lbs
 Personality Active  Rooster Weight 6½ lbs

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