Happy Father’s Day: Celebrating Roosters

Female chickens, often referred to as hens, play an important role in the growth and development of their baby chicks. But they don’t do it alone! Male chickens, which are called roosters, also take on a lot of responsibility. From protecting the hens to seeking out food for others, male chickens play a prominent role… Read more »

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Benefits of Vaccinating Chickens (Let Us Handle It!)

If you’re planning on adding chickens into your backyard coop or welcoming them into your farm family, you should strongly consider vaccinating them first. There are a wide range of vaccinations available for chicks that are designed to protect them from serious diseases. Some diseases that chickens are likely to catch without a vaccination include… Read more »

Olive Egger Chickens

World No Tobacco Day: Help Eliminate Chicken Illness

Thursday, May 31st is World No Tobacco Day– an important cause for all health-conscious people. Each year, the World Health Organization highlights the effects of tobacco such as how it threatens the development of nations and harms the public.  However, many are unaware of the effect that tobacco has on chickens. Cigarettes have long been… Read more »

Better Understanding Mother Hens

Hens, which are chickens that are 1 year old or older, have a lot of responsibility to take on once they start laying eggs. From producing eggs and laying them to caring for their baby chicks and protecting them from predators, they take on a big role as they mature. To celebrate Mother’s Day, check… Read more »

The Meaning Behind Different Colored Chicken Eggs

When you purchase a dozen eggs from the grocery store, all of the eggs are typically the same color. You might get a dozen white eggs or a dozen brown in your carton. But when you take a look at the eggs that are laid by your personal chickens, you will notice that they are… Read more »

How to Help Your Stubborn Hens Lay Eggs

Hens sometimes go through phases where they will “refuse” to lay eggs for a period of time. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re raising chickens for the sole purpose of having fresh eggs at home. There are several different reasons that hens might suddenly stop laying eggs and Chickens for Backyards has some… Read more »

Highlighting the Multiple Stages of Growing Chickens

A lot of things change when a chicken goes from a fluffy baby chick to a fully-grown, producing chicken. It is important to know the various stages of growth when it comes to chickens in order to raise them appropriately. Understanding the changes of growth will help you better comprehend the science of these birds… Read more »

Helpful Guidelines for Brooding Chicks

Raising chicks from the moment they’re welcomed into the world can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can be a lot of fun to see baby chicks hatch and mature into full-grown chickens. During their first three to eight weeks of life, baby chicks need to go through a brooding period during which they’ll need… Read more »

Top Construction Tips for Building Chicken Coops

Chickens for Backyards can help homeowners and farmers start flocks with healthy birds of the perfect breed. However, if you’re going to start raising chickens, you’re eventually going to need a chicken coop in order to do so. Having a chicken coop is an excellent way to get a healthy inventory of dependable and delicious… Read more »