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The Science Behind Chicken Communication: Decoding Clucks and Crows

Have you ever wondered what your chickens are saying with their clucks, crows, and squawks? It turns out there’s a whole lot of communication going on in your backyard flock. In fact, researchers have identified more than 24 distinct vocalizations in chicken language. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of chicken communication. A Chicken’s Vocabulary… Read more »

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Managing Your Chicken’s Waste: Creating Rich Compost for Your Garden

Chicken owners are always on the hunt for effective ways to manage their flock’s waste. The good news? Chicken manure, rich in nitrogen, is a fantastic asset to your compost pile, turning your chickens’ waste into nutrient-dense compost for your garden. Let’s talk about how you can transform chicken waste into a gardener’s goldmine. The… Read more »

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Integrating New Chickens into Your Existing Flock: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you’re ready to introduce some new feathered friends to your existing flock. That’s eggs-citing news! But we know it can also be a bit daunting. Chickens have a specific social structure – often referred to as a “pecking order” – and adding new birds to the mix can shake things up. But don’t worry,… Read more »

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How to Get Your Chickens to Return to the Coop Each Night

You’ve built the coop, brought home your flock, and your backyard chicken adventure has begun. Now, as the sun sets, you’re noticing a little problem. Your feathered friends don’t seem too keen on returning to their coop for the night. But don’t worry, this is a common problem and thankfully we’ve got some easy tips… Read more »

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build Your Own Chicken Run

Ever wondered how to give your flock more space to roam while keeping them safe from predators? If so, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re guiding you through the process of building your own chicken run – a must-have for any chicken owner who values the happiness and health of their feathered friends. Why… Read more »

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Backyard Chicken Myths Debunked: Common Misconceptions about Poultry Raising

As more and more people begin to raise backyard chickens, there will be a lot of information floating around about the business of raising poultry. Unfortunately, some of this information is straight-out false. Here, we will dispel some of the most common misconceptions and myths about raising backyard chicks. Myth: You need a rooster for… Read more »

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5 Fun Activities to Teach Kids about Backyard Chickens

Introducing kids to the wonders of backyard chickens offers a unique opportunity for them to learn valuable lessons about nature, responsibility, and sustainability. Not only that, but parents can foster a love for animals and the environment while creating lasting memories. Nevertheless, you still want to make it fun. That’s why we’ve collected some of… Read more »

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Permaculture Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture Chicken Keeping

Permaculture is a holistic approach to designing sustainable systems. It allows you to get more out of your flock and garden with less work and less resources. One of the key elements in permaculture is integrating animals into the ecosystem to create a harmonious and self-sustaining environment. When it comes to poultry, chickens stand out… Read more »

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What Is Permaculture?

Whether you’re raising only backyard chickens or you have entire farm operation going on, you’ll want to use sustainable practices. There are many ways of doing this, but the more you research, the more you’ll start seeing the term “permaculture.” But what, exactly, do people mean by this? Permaculture is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture… Read more »

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What Does It Mean to Be USDA Certified Organic?

When you’re in the grocery store, you may notice that some foods are labeled with the USDA Certified Organic seal. In fact, if you’re a farmer or backyard chicken owner, you may be trying to get that USDA Certified Organic seal for yourself. But what makes this seal so special? Why does it make certain… Read more »