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How Raising Backyard Ducks is Different than Raising Chickens

Silver Appleyard duck

If you’ve already experienced the joys of raising backyard chickens and are considering adding ducks to your flock, there are some notable differences to be aware of. While ducks share some similarities with chickens, they have unique needs and behaviors that can make caring for them a delightful challenge. Let’s waddle through the main distinctions… Read more »

Tips for Helping Your Backyard Chickens and Ducks to Coexist

A chicken walks with some chicks and ducks

Blending a flock of chickens and ducks in your backyard can be a delightful endeavor. While these birds have distinct needs and behaviors, with careful planning and understanding, they can coexist in harmony, adding diversity and joy to your backyard. Here are some insights and tips to help you create a peaceful and productive environment… Read more »

The Underrated Benefits of Raising Backyard Ducks

Two ducks walking in a backyard

When you hear about someone raising poultry in their backyard, chickens likely come to mind first. Sure, more people keep backyard chickens, but ducks are an often-underrated alternative that come with their own unique set of benefits. Hardy, low-maintenance, and full of personality, ducks can be a wonderful addition to your life. Let’s take a… Read more »