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Ideal Living Arrangements for Backyard Turkeys

White Turkey

Taking the first step into the backyard poultry life can be an enriching experience, especially when it includes raising turkeys. These charming birds, with their distinctive gobble and impressive plumage, require specific living arrangements to thrive. If you’re considering adding turkeys to your backyard flock, understanding their needs is crucial for their well-being and your… Read more »

Signs that Raising Backyard Turkeys is the Right Move for You

Black Slate Turkey

Raising backyard turkeys can be a fulfilling endeavor, offering benefits beyond just the joy of keeping poultry. While chickens are a more common choice for backyard flocks, turkeys bring their own unique charm and advantages. If you’re contemplating whether to add these majestic birds to your backyard, here are some signs that raising turkeys might… Read more »

How To Know How Many Chickens to Get for My Backyard

Black Australorp chickens in a backyard together

So, you’ve decided to venture into the delightful world of backyard chicken keeping — congratulations! It’s a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Before you begin, one of the first and most vital questions budding poultry enthusiasts grapple with is, “How many chickens should I get?” While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, some factors can guide you in… Read more »

Can People With Egg Allergies Get Flu Shots?

Broken Eggshell

Have you been putting off getting a flu shot this year? If you have an egg allergy, you may have heard that it’s not safe to receive your seasonal flu shot. That’s because flu vaccines are manufactured in a process using chicken eggs, which leaves trace amounts of the protein ovalbumin in the vaccine. However,… Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Snake

snake face

Every chicken owner should be aware of possible predators that threaten livestock. As previously discussed on our blog, understanding which animals might prey on your chickens can better prepare you to ensure the safety and security of your property and your chickens. At Chickens for Backyards, we strive to inform chicken owners about possible predators,… Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Cat


Of all the predators that chickens face, cats pose as a unique threat. For one, they’re a common house pet, and it doesn’t matter if they’re domesticated—their hunting instincts are innate and will come out no matter what. Secondly, they’re all over the United States, living as barn cats to stray cats to outdoor cats…. Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Badger

Badger face illustration

There are a lot of critters out there who are classified as chicken predators, even some that you might never expect. Chickens for Backyards can help you identify potential predators that might be after your chickens such as badgers. Other Chicken Predators Skunks Raccoons Coyotes Bobcats Cats Snakes About Badgers Badgers are found throughout the… Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Raccoon

Raccoon face illustration

There are several predators that will attack, and likely kill, the chickens in your backyard if you’re don’t take appropriate steps to protect them. We have already highlighted a variety of chicken predators on our blog but you can now add raccoons to that list. Raccoons are yet another predator that you need to look… Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Skunk

Skunk face illustration

We like to think we’re the only ones watching out for our chickens and that once they’re on our property; it’s just us and them. Unfortunately, there are many animals in the wild that are just waiting for a moment to strike at chickens, especially skunks. Other Chicken Predators Coyotes Raccoons Badgers Bobcats Cats Snakes… Read more »

Easter Chicks & Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, many of us are gearing up on our supply of eggs. After all, we need to make sure that our kids have plenty of eggs to find during their annual Easter Egg Hunt! But where exactly did Easter Eggs come from to begin with? In the above graphic, we… Read more »