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Why Spring is a Great Time to Bring Home Backyard Chickens

White Leghorn chick

As the frost of winter melts away and the first green shoots of spring make their appearance, many of us start to feel the itch for new beginnings. For those considering entering the rewarding journey of backyard chicken keeping, there couldn’t be a more perfect time than spring to start. The season of renewal is… Read more »

How Baby Chicks Will Change as They Grow into Adult Chickens

White Leghorn chick

Raising chickens from baby chicks is one of the most rewarding experiences a backyard poultry keeper can have. Watching these tiny, fluffy balls of energy grow into full-sized hens and roosters is not just fascinating; it’s educational. However, as they grow, chicks undergo several changes, not just in size but in their behavior, dietary needs,… Read more »

Tips for Helping Your Backyard Chickens and Ducks to Coexist

A chicken walks with some chicks and ducks

Blending a flock of chickens and ducks in your backyard can be a delightful endeavor. While these birds have distinct needs and behaviors, with careful planning and understanding, they can coexist in harmony, adding diversity and joy to your backyard. Here are some insights and tips to help you create a peaceful and productive environment… Read more »

Tips for Helping Backyard Chickens Weather Storms

A chicken sits in the snow

Chickens are adaptable to many conditions, including most weather. But sometimes the elements get serious enough that you can’t help but be concerned as a backyard chicken owner. Heavy rain, extreme wind, snow, cold, thunder, and lightning can cause certain problems for your backyard poultry. But if you plan ahead, prepare, and act quickly, ensuring… Read more »

Often Overlooked Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

flock of backyard chickens

The most popular reason people choose to raise backyard chickens is obvious – daily fresh eggs. But these quirky, feathered creatures offer us so much more than just breakfast. Here are some of the often-overlooked benefits of raising backyard chickens: A Healthier, Happier Garden Have you been dealing with nasty bugs getting into your garden?… Read more »

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Backyard Chickens

Chickens mill about in a coop within a backyard

Maybe you’ve pictured it: waking up to the gentle clucking of hens, stepping into your backyard to be greeted by your flock, and the joy of fresh, home-laid eggs. But before you jump into the world of backyard poultry, there are important questions you need to ask yourself. Ensuring that you are fully prepared for… Read more »

How to Talk to Your Neighbors About Raising Backyard Chickens

Two neighbors talking across backyard fence

When you decide to raise backyard chickens, you’re not the only one who is impacted by that decision. Your neighbors will also be impacted. This is especially the case if you live in a city or suburb where you live right next to each other. So, before you start building your coop and gathering supplies,… Read more »