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Nutrition Necessities: What to Feed Your Chickens at Every Life Stage

chicken at an old farm

Raising healthy backyard chickens requires understanding their dietary needs. Different stages of life require different types of feed, so let’s delve into the chicken nutrition basics and break down what you should be feeding your flock at each stage of their lives. The First Days: Baby Chicks When chicks first hatch, they need a diet… Read more »

Chicken-Friendly Plants to Feed to Your Flock

Chicken-Friendly Plants to Feed to Your Flock

Does it feel like your chickens are always looking for something to eat? That’s because they almost always are. If your chickens aren’t chowing down on feed in their coop, they’re probably out foraging for plants and insects to snack on in your yard. One way to keep your chickens happy and healthy is by… Read more »