The Meaning Behind Different Colored Chicken Eggs

When you purchase a dozen eggs from the grocery store, all of the eggs are typically the same color. You might get a dozen white eggs or a dozen brown in your carton. But when you take a look at the eggs that are laid by your personal chickens, you will notice that they are… Read more »

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken Eggs

How to Help Your Stubborn Hens Lay Eggs

Hens sometimes go through phases where they will “refuse” to lay eggs for a period of time. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re raising chickens for the sole purpose of having fresh eggs at home. There are several different reasons that hens might suddenly stop laying eggs and Chickens for Backyards has some… Read more »

Highlighting the Multiple Stages of Growing Chickens

A lot of things change when a chicken goes from a fluffy baby chick to a fully-grown, producing chicken. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE VARIOUS STAGES OF GROWTH WHEN IT COMES TO CHICKENS IN ORDER TO RAISE THEM APPROPRIATELY. Understanding the changes of growth will help you better comprehend the science of these birds and will give you… Read more »

Top Construction Tips for Building Chicken Coops

Top Construction Tips for Building Chicken Coops

If you’re starting to raise chickens, then your chickens will need some place to live. A chicken coop is an essential part of raising backyard chickens, providing your flock with a safe and comfy place to lay their heads. It is also an excellent way to get a healthy inventory of eggs that you couldn’t… Read more »

Easter Chicks & Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, many of us are gearing up on our supply of eggs. After all, we need to make sure that our kids have plenty of eggs to find during their annual Easter Egg Hunt! But where exactly did Easter Eggs come from to begin with? In the above graphic, we… Read more »

Buff Orpington Baby Chickens For Sale

Ways to Keep Your Chickens Warm Throughout the Winter

Even with their heavy plumage, chickens can get pretty chilly during the winter. To keep your flock happy, healthy and comfortable, it’s important to make sure their coop is equipped to keep them warm even on the coldest days of the year. Today we’ll look at a few ways to ensure your flock stays warm… Read more »

National Chicken Council Releases New Broiler Welfare Standards

National Chicken Council Releases New Broiler Welfare Standards

Consumers are constantly bombarded with labels like “No hormones” and “No additives” on packages of chicken, but what exactly do all those designations mean? The National Chicken Council (NCC), the oldest and largest national organization in the U.S. representing the broiler chicken industry, is working to clear up some of that confusion by issuing new… Read more »

Ask Yourself These Important Questions Before You Buy Chicks

Ask Yourself These Important Questions Before You Buy Chicks

There are a number of good reasons to raise your own flock of chickens. Chickens can provide you and your family with a fresh supply of eggs. They can also be kept as pets. But regardless of why you ultimately decide to raise chickens, you should ask yourself a few questions before you do, just… Read more »

Hen in Nesting Box

How to Change a Broody Hen’s Behavior

A broody hen is a hen that becomes obsessed with sitting on her eggs until they hatch, even if they’re not fertilized. While this might seem like a positive behavior on the surface, it’s not good if the hen keeps you from collecting unfertilized eggs. Broody hens can become very aggressive if you attempt to… Read more »

Training Young Chicks to Return to Their Roost

Training Young Chicks to Return to Their Roost

During the day, your chickens probably spend most of their time cooling off in the shade or roaming around your property foraging for insects. Chickens aren’t known for their flying abilities, so they tend to stay close to the ground unless they’re forced to a higher perch by the threat of a predator. But your… Read more »