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Why You Should Always Raise More Than One Chicken

chickens grazing in field

If you stayed home alone all day, every day, chances are you’d start to get lonely. Our chickens are just the same. Chickens are social animals, and they need other chickens around them in order to be happy. Here are a few reasons why that is: More chickens will keep away predators A single chicken… Read more »

Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Two girls holding chickens

Chickens make great companions and can be wonderful helpers in teaching responsibility and care to kids. Of course, with any animal, some breeds are known to be more friendly with humans. Especially if it’s your first time caring for chickens, it’s never a bad idea to get some that you know have the reputation of… Read more »

4 Lessons Kids Learn When Raising Backyard Chickens

young girl holding chicken

Here at Chickens for Backyards, we always talk about how beneficial raising backyard chickens can be. Not only can chickens provide a fresh batch of eggs and friendly companionship, they can also be a learning opportunity for our kids. Below are four lessons that your children will learn when they start raising backyard chickens. Responsibility… Read more »

Raising Ducks vs. Raising Chickens: What’s Right for You?

Raising Ducks vs. Raising Chickens: What’s Right for You?

When you’re starting a backyard flock, you first have to decide which species of bird you wish to raise. Do you want to raise ducks? Or do you want to raise chickens? Both species offer a rewarding experience, and indeed many people raise both! But in the beginning, it’s often best to start with one… Read more »

3 Ways to Make Raising Chickens Easier on Your Body

3 Easy Ways to Make Raising Chickens Easier on Your Body

Raising chickens is not easy work. It requires a lot of heavy lifting—literally—that can take its toll on your body. It’s not uncommon for people to wake up with sore muscles or an aching back, but you certainly don’t want this to become a regular occurrence. After all, taking care of yourself is just as… Read more »

Chicken Predators: Understanding the Coyote

Coyote face illustration

When it comes to raising chickens, there is a lot of work that goes into the endeavor. You have to keep them happy, healthy, and protected. As far as threats come, there can be a lot to watch out for, and that includes environmental pressures, illnesses, and threats that come in the form of predators… Read more »

Training Young Chicks to Return to Their Roost

Training Young Chicks to Return to Their Roost

During the day, your chickens probably spend most of their time cooling off in the shade or roaming around your property foraging for insects. Chickens aren’t known for their flying abilities, so they tend to stay close to the ground unless they’re forced to a higher perch by the threat of a predator. But your… Read more »