4 Lessons Kids Learn When Raising Backyard Chickens

Here at Chickens for Backyards, we always talk about how beneficial raising backyard chickens can be. Not only can chickens provide a fresh batch of eggs and friendly companionship, they can also be a learning opportunity for our kids. Below are four lessons that your children will learn when they start raising backyard chickens.

Responsibilityyoung girl holding chicken

Perhaps the biggest lesson kids will learn when raising backyard chickens is a sense of responsibility. Chickens, like all kinds of animals, need to be well-taken care of. They have to be fed, given water, provided attention, and given a clean environment. When kids help to care for a flock, they’ll learn how to be responsible and properly care for those under their charge.

Body Awareness

Kids, especially very young kids, don’t always understand how to control their bodies. But when they start handling chicks and chickens, they’ll quickly learn how to control themselves to ensure they don’t harm the chickens. However, it’s important that you teach your kids first how to hold chickens before letting them interact with your flock. Demonstrate how to properly hold a chicken and then help your child as they try to hold one themselves.


Raising a backyard flock requires lots of patience. Your chickens may not behave in the way you want them to, or they may be dealing with health problems that require care. When your children help to care for your flock, they’ll also learn how to be patient when dealing with the chickens.

Respect and Understanding for Food Sources

Finally, by raising backyard chickens, kids will get a first-hand look at where all those eggs and meat in the grocery store come from. Too many of us simply grab our goods at the grocery store without a single thought of the farmers, ranchers, and chickens that work to get those goods to our table. By raising chickens, we and our kids will start to respect and understand the food source process.

We at Chickens for Backyards believe that everyone should try their hand at raising backyard chickens. To start your flock, look through our website for available chicks and supplies.