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How to Safely Decorate Your Chicken Coop for the Holidays

An animation of chickens outside of a coop that has been decorated for the holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and as a backyard chicken keeper, it’s natural to want to extend this festive spirit to your feathered friends. Decorating your chicken coop can be a delightful way to bring some holiday cheer to your backyard. However, it’s crucial to do this safely to ensure… Read more »

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Backyard Chickens

Chickens mill about in a coop within a backyard

Maybe you’ve pictured it: waking up to the gentle clucking of hens, stepping into your backyard to be greeted by your flock, and the joy of fresh, home-laid eggs. But before you jump into the world of backyard poultry, there are important questions you need to ask yourself. Ensuring that you are fully prepared for… Read more »

Ventilation for Chicken Coops: Ensuring a Healthy Environment for Your Chickens

A group of free range chickens is protected by a Pyrenees Mountain Dog at the coop.

When setting up a chicken coop, ventilation often takes a backseat to concerns about predators or the elements. But proper ventilation is just as crucial for your flock’s health and well-being. Let’s explore why it’s so essential and how to ensure your coop has adequate airflow. Understanding the Importance of Ventilation Ventilation is vital for… Read more »

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build Your Own Chicken Run

A white-brown hen with a big tuft runs fast on the dry grass in sunny summer day

Ever wondered how to give your flock more space to roam while keeping them safe from predators? If so, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re guiding you through the process of building your own chicken run – a must-have for any chicken owner who values the happiness and health of their feathered friends. Why… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider Building a Second Coop

interior of chicken coop and run

You’ve had your backyard chicken flock for a few years. The coop you built in the beginning is still working fine, but you’re starting to wonder if a second coop would do your chickens any good. We’re here to tell you that it will. While not all flocks need a second coop, and it can… Read more »

Top Tips on Keeping Your Coop Clean

When raising chickens, it’s important to provide them with appropriate shelter. A chicken coop will do just that, protecting your chickens from predators and the elements, and allowing them to get the rest they need. If a chicken coop is home to your chicken flock, you should make every effort to keep it as clean… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Supplemental Lighting

cartoon of chicken coop

When winter comes along, our world becomes much colder and darker. We humans like to stay inside our nicely lit homes, and our chickens are no different. They’ll need their coops to be warm and safe if they’re to survive the winter. But what about your coop’s lighting? Many chicken owners use supplemental lighting to… Read more »

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Readymade Coop

chicken coop in backyard

When starting a backyard flock, many people decide to build their own chicken coops. However, not everyone has the time, tools, or skills to do so. Buying a readymade chicken coop is a perfectly acceptable alternative. However, since you’ll be relying on someone else to build it, you’ll need to ensure that it has everything… Read more »

How to Make Your Chicken Coop Safe from Predators

chicken coop in backyard

No matter where you live, predators will always be a problem for your flock. It can be heartbreaking to find that a fox or hawk has killed one of your chickens. As such, it’s always best to be prepared and take steps to protect your flock from predator attacks. While each predator is different, many… Read more »

How to Talk to Your Neighbors About Raising Backyard Chickens

Two neighbors talking across backyard fence

When you decide to raise backyard chickens, you’re not the only one who is impacted by that decision. Your neighbors will also be impacted. This is especially the case if you live in a city or suburb where you live right next to each other. So, before you start building your coop and gathering supplies,… Read more »