Here’s Why You Should Consider Building a Second Coop

You’ve had your backyard chicken flock for a few years. The coop you built in the beginning is still working fine, but you’re starting to wonder if a second coop would do your chickens any good. We’re here to tell you that it will. While not all flocks need a second coop, and it can certainly seem like an indulgence for some, there are several benefits that a second chicken coop can bring.

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A Coop for Broody Hens

Many backyard chicken owners buy their chicks and stick with that number. If they decide to grow their flock, they will buy more chicks from sources like Chickens for Backyards.

However, other owners try their hand at hatching and raising chicks of their own. For these owners, having a second coop will be extremely helpful as mothers can get protective over their chicks. Mixing mother hens with other chickens may make them aggressive and lash out. Additionally, other chickens may intentionally or unintentionally harm the chicks. Having a second coop will keep everyone safe until the chicks are of age.

A Coop for Quarantining Chickens

Sometimes, chickens get sick or injured. During these times, it’s best to keep them isolated, especially if they’re dealing with a contagious disease that could spread to the rest of your flock. You should also quarantine new chickens for at least a few weeks to ensure they’re not bringing any diseases into your flock. During these instances, a second coop will be quite handy.

A Coop for Growing Your Flock

Whether you buy new chicks or hatch them, your flock will be growing. You may find that your old coop no longer fits all your chickens. Chickens need anywhere from 3 to 4 square feet of space per bird, so if you don’t have that, you’ll need a new coop. You could tear your old one down and build a bigger one, but that would be more work than simply building a second coop for your flock.

Building Your Coop

So, you’ve decided to build a second coop, but how do you get started? Thankfully, we at Chickens for Backyards have a few top tips in our blog post here. And if you’re looking to fill your new coop with adorable chicks, check out our breed selection today!