Things to Do the Day You Bring Home New Chickens

Light BrahmaThe day has finally arrived. You’re feeling anticipation, excitement, and maybe a little nervous—as you prepare to welcome your new feathery friends to their forever home. Bringing home new chickens is an adventure in itself. To ensure their transition is smooth, and they settle in comfortably, there are some key steps you should follow. Here are a few things you should do before or on their first day in their new home:

Prepare Their Living Space

Before your new clucking friends step foot in their new home, ensure their living space is ready and welcoming. Set up the coop with fresh bedding—straw or wood shavings are popular choices. Check that their nesting boxes are clean, cozy, and darkened to encourage egg-laying when the time comes.

Ensure the coop has adequate ventilation without being drafty. Chickens are tough, but drafts can lead to respiratory issues. A quick coop inspection to ensure there are no predators’ entry points can save you from future heartaches.

Offer Fresh Food and Water

Upon arrival, your chickens might be stressed or thirsty. Place water containers and feeders in easily accessible areas. Using electrolyte solutions in their water can help reduce the stress of the move. Remember, it’s essential to keep their water clean and food fresh. Refill and check them daily, especially in the first few days as your chickens acclimate.

Observe Their Behavior

After setting them free in their new space, take a moment to simply observe. Chickens are great at telling us how they feel through their behavior. If they seem overly agitated, it might be an indication of stress or an underlying issue. Signs of healthy chickens include curiosity about their surroundings, active foraging, and a lively demeanor. If you notice any bird being bullied or isolated, it might need some extra attention.

Bringing home new chickens is a thrilling experience. It’s the beginning of a journey filled with fresh eggs, joyful chirping, and the pleasure of caring for these wonderful creatures. It’s essential to give them the best start, and every detail counts.

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