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How to Incorporate Your Backyard Chicken Eggs into Your Easter Celebration

A woman reaching out toward a bowl containing decorated eggs.

Easter marks a season of joy, renewal, and for those of us who keep backyard chickens, an opportunity to showcase the bountiful produce our hens gift us. Beyond just collecting these eggs, Easter gives us a chance to creatively use them in various aspects of our celebration, from cooking to crafting. Here are some inspiring… Read more »

Exciting New Egg Dishes for Backyard Chicken Owners to Try

A fritata sits on a plate

One of the biggest perks of being a backyard chicken owner is collecting fresh, delicious eggs. But if you only ever scramble them or make omelets, you’re probably going to get bored after a while. The good news is there’s a whole world of exciting egg dishes out there waiting to be explored. Let’s crack… Read more »

How to Support Egg-Laying in Backyard Chickens

A chicken sitting among a large amount of freshly-hatched eggs.

Gathering fresh eggs from your backyard chickens is one of the simple pleasures of raising your own poultry. In fact, it may even be the primary reason you brought chickens to your home in the first place. So, of course you’re going to want to everything you can to support the animals and ensure they’re… Read more »

Why Backyard Chicken Eggs are Better Than Store Bought Commercial Eggs

White Jersey Giant Eggs

Deciding to invest in backyard chickens is a fantastic idea for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest payoffs is the consistent availability of freshly laid eggs. They represent a significant improvement over commercial, store-bought eggs and not just because you don’t have to leave your property to get them. If you’ve been contemplating… Read more »

What Does It Mean to Be USDA Certified Organic?

A man farmer holds carrots and beets in his hands. Selective focus. Food.

When you’re in the grocery store, you may notice that some foods are labeled with the USDA Certified Organic seal. In fact, if you’re a farmer or backyard chicken owner, you may be trying to get that USDA Certified Organic seal for yourself. But what makes this seal so special? Why does it make certain… Read more »

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt (With Real Eggs!)

little girl on easter egg hunt wearing bunny ears

Easter is almost here, and you know what that means—an Easter Egg Hunt! Whether you’re hosting one for your family or for your community, an Easter Egg Hunt is always a great time. However, it can be difficult to plan one, especially if this is your first Easter Egg Hunt. To help, we’ve created this… Read more »

Free Run vs. Free Range Eggs: What’s the Difference?

Woman chooses chicken eggs in a grocery store. Close up.

When you’re in the store shopping for eggs, chances are you’ll see various types of eggs on the shelves. You may even see two terms: free run and free range. They sound the same, but are they the same? Read on to learn more: Free Run Eggs Free run eggs come form hens that roam… Read more »

Here’s Why Some Eggshells Are Thinner Than Others

Egg Color Trio

Have you ever noticed that some of the eggs your hens hatch have thick, strong shells, while others have thin, weaker shells? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common plight for backyard chicken owners. Understanding why some eggshells are thinner than others, then, can help you figure out what you should do next…. Read more »

Why Are Eggs So Expensive Right Now?

Woman chooses chicken eggs in a grocery store. Close up.

If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, you’ve noticed how expensive eggs have become. What used to be one or two dollars for a carton of eggs is now nearly five or six. Why has this happened? And will the prices ever go down? Read on to learn more: What’s causing egg prices to… Read more »

How Much Fat Is in Eggs?

woman beats eggs in kitchen

January is when many people go on diets. As such, they become very concerned about they’re taking into their body and the fats they eat. If you’re going on a diet, then, you may be wondering if you can still eat those delicious eggs your chickens are laying each morning. While the amount of fat… Read more »