man farmer holding a chicken in his hands duck eggs

Everything You Need to Know About Duck Eggs

When many people start a backyard flock, they typically start by raising chickens and producing chicken eggs. However, more and more people are discovering the joys and benefits of raising ducks as well. Ducks not only provide great companionship, but they will also produce plenty of delicious eggs. These eggs are quite different from chicken… Read more »

Broken Eggshell

Can People With Egg Allergies Get Flu Shots?

Have you been putting off getting a flu shot this year? If you have an egg allergy, you may have heard that it’s not safe to receive your seasonal flu shot. That’s because flu vaccines are manufactured in a process using chicken eggs, which leaves trace amounts of the protein ovalbumin in the vaccine. However,… Read more »

overhead view or raw whole chicken

How to Raise Chicken for Meat

When you get your chicken meat from the grocery store, it often comes from large corporations that use unethical practices. Chickens are kept in cruel environments and there is little care given to their happiness and livelihood. However, we can help break this cycle. Small flock owners and free rangers can provide a healthy and… Read more »

chicken walking up ramp to coop door

The Questions About Your Automatic Chicken Coop Doors…Answered

Automatic chicken coop doors are essential components to your chicken coop. They can keep your chickens secure while also providing them easy access to the outdoors. Plus, it saves you time and energy so you don’t have to go outside to let your chickens out every morning. However, many chicken owners have questions about how… Read more »

guinea fowl on farm

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl

Many people who raise backyard chickens are starting to get into raising guinea fowl. There are many benefits to raising guineas—they help protect the rest of the flock, they’re an effective means of pest control, and they provide plenty of meat and eggs. But, if you’re just starting to raise guinea fowl, you may not… Read more »

young girl holding chicken

4 Lessons Kids Learn When Raising Backyard Chickens

Here at Chickens for Backyards, we always talk about how beneficial raising backyard chickens can be. Not only can chickens provide a fresh batch of eggs and friendly companionship, they can also be a learning opportunity for our kids. Below are four lessons that your children will learn when they start raising backyard chickens. Responsibility… Read more »

baby chicks on green grass

How to Prevent Salmonella Outbreaks in Backyard Flocks

If you have a backyard flock of chickens, it’s important to be aware of the risk factors associated with salmonella outbreaks. Salmonella is a genus of dangerous bacteria that can spread through a flock of chickens via rodent droppings, and then be transmitted to humans if poultry or eggs are not properly prepared. Humans can… Read more »

chickens on farm

Everything You Need to Know About Feather Pecking

Feather pecking is a common behavior amongst birds, especially backyard chickens. However, it’s not necessarily a healthy behavior. Feather pecking mostly occurs when chickens are bored or stressed, and it can cause harm on their overall health. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about feather pecking so you can avoid it in the… Read more »

chickens eating treats on ground

Easy Treat Ideas for Your Chickens

Many chickens enjoy being spoiled, and luckily, there are easy ways to spoil your chickens in a healthy way. Like many other animals, chickens will recognize love when it is shown to them, especially when it comes to things like feeding. One of the easiest ways to establish a relationship with your chickens is to… Read more »