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Why You Should Always Raise More Than One Chicken

chickens grazing in field

If you stayed home alone all day, every day, chances are you’d start to get lonely. Our chickens are just the same. Chickens are social animals, and they need other chickens around them in order to be happy. Here are a few reasons why that is: More chickens will keep away predators A single chicken… Read more »

Common Chick Injuries and How to Treat and Prevent Them

chicks on a farm

When you start raising chicks, you want to keep them safe and healthy. Unfortunately, chicks are susceptible to accidents. It’s all too easy for them to get injured, sometimes seriously so. Thankfully, you can take steps to prevent these injuries and, if they do occur, treat them. Here, we go through some of the most… Read more »

Our Top 3 Tips for Naming Your Chickens

hen with its baby chicks standing in the grass

If you’re raising chickens as pets or for eggs, you’ll likely be taking care of them for a long time. As such, you’ll form the most tremendous bonds with your flock. It’s only suitable, then, that you give your chickens names as you would with your cats or dogs! However, naming your chickens can be… Read more »

What is a Broody Hen and How Do You Handle It?

What is a Broody Hen and How Do You Handle It?

If your hen doesn’t leave her nesting box and she hisses at you as you get near, then this is a sign of a broody hen. If you’re wanting your flock to reproduce, this may be a good sign, but if you’re trying to collect unfertilized eggs, it can cause trouble. But how do you… Read more »

6 Perennial Weeds You Can Feed to Your Chickens

yellow dandelion flowers

Feeding chickens can get expensive. But what if we told you there was a simple and easy way to cut down on costs? By planting perennial weeds around your backyard, you can do just that. These weeds are safe for your chickens to eat and will regrow every spring, thus reducing how much feed you… Read more »

Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Two girls holding chickens

Chickens make great companions and can be wonderful helpers in teaching responsibility and care to kids. Of course, with any animal, some breeds are known to be more friendly with humans. Especially if it’s your first time caring for chickens, it’s never a bad idea to get some that you know have the reputation of… Read more »

Keeping Your Chickens Cool on Hot Summer Days

Keeping Your Chickens Cool on Hot Summer Days

When it gets hot in the summertime, you can retreat inside your air conditioned home or gulp down a bunch of ice-cold water to beat the heat. But unfortunately, your chickens aren’t able to do the same. They have to stay outside where it’s hot, and if you’re not careful they can overheat due to… Read more »

Can Essential Oils Help Your Chickens?

Bottles of rosemary essential oil on table

Recently, some poultry farmers have been integrating essential oils into their flocks’ diets. While there isn’t much research yet as to the effectiveness of essential oils, many farmers and backyard flock owners swear by them. Here, we examine some of the most commonly used essential oils for chickens. What are essential oils? Essential oils are… Read more »

Chicken Nesting Boxes 101

Chicken Nesting Boxes 101

Chickens can be as finicky as Goldilocks when it comes to their nesting boxes. They can’t be too big or too small, too hard or too soft; they need to be just right for your chickens to use them. Finding this perfect middle ground can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.   Here we’ve put… Read more »

How to Keep Your Chickens Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Your Chickens Out of Your Garden

A common challenge that many people who raise backyard chickens struggle with is keeping their chickens out of their garden. One day your garden may be fine, but the next you find it trampled and eaten. While some people just decide to get rid of their garden, there are ways for your chickens and your… Read more »