End of Summer Check-Up: Ensuring Your Flock Is Ready for Fall

As the end of summer approaches, it’s time for a backyard flock health check. Making sure your chickens are ready for the fall can ensure they transition smoothly into the cooler months. Here’s a checklist to help your chickens face autumn in good health.

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Molting often starts at the end of summer. During this period, chickens need extra protein to grow new feathers. Consider switching to a higher-protein feed or adding protein-rich treats like mealworms. Also, check for any signs of illness and address them promptly.

Parasite Control

With the warm summer months being prime breeding time for parasites, it’s crucial to check your chickens for any signs of mites, lice, or internal worms. Consult a vet for the best deworming and anti-parasite treatments.

Coop Maintenance

End of summer is a good time for a deep clean of the coop. Clear out bedding, scrub surfaces, and let the coop air out. Check for drafts, leaks, or repairs needed before the colder weather sets in.

Water and Feed Systems

Clean and check all waterers and feeders for damage. As temperatures drop, consider investing in a heated waterer to prevent freezing. Ensure feed storage is pest-proof as rodents can become more of a problem in fall and winter.

Predator Protection

Fall can bring new or increased predator threats. Make sure fences are secure and coop doors close properly. Consider installing predator deterrents like motion-activated lights.

End-of-summer checks are a proactive way to prepare your flock for fall. A little time invested now can prevent issues down the line, keeping your chickens healthy and happy.

For more guidance on seasonal chicken care, visit Chickens for Backyards’ website. We offer quality chicken breeds and plenty of resources to ensure you’re well-equipped for your chicken-raising journey.