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How to Care for Your Chickens in Colder Weather

chicken walking through the snow in winter

As the warmth of summer gradually transitions to the crisp breeze of autumn and eventually the chill of winter, budding poultry enthusiasts might be wondering how to ensure your backyard flock stays cozy, safe, healthy, and comfortable. The good news is it’s totally doable if you’re equipped with the right knowledge. Here are some tips… Read more »

End of Summer Check-Up: Ensuring Your Flock Is Ready for Fall

rooster and chickens graze on green grass. Livestock in the village.

As the end of summer approaches, it’s time for a backyard flock health check. Making sure your chickens are ready for the fall can ensure they transition smoothly into the cooler months. Here’s a checklist to help your chickens face autumn in good health. Health and Nutrition Molting often starts at the end of summer…. Read more »

Molting 101: Understanding Your Chickens’ Autumn Feather Loss

Chickens, hens and chooks, grazing and eating grass, on a free range, organic farm, in a country hen house, on a farm and ranch in Australia.

As summer begins to wane and the days grow shorter, you may notice something peculiar about your backyard flock: your chickens are losing feathers! Don’t panic. This is likely the natural process known as molting. Here’s what every chicken keeper needs to know about this annual occurrence. What is Molting? Molting is a normal part… Read more »

Chicken Health Checks You Should Do in Summer

As a backyard chicken owner, you must keep a keen eye on the health of your flock. The summer heat can exacerbate certain conditions, making regular health checks even more crucial. Here are some key areas to monitor during the sunny season. Monitoring for Heat Stress Heat stress is a common issue for chickens during… Read more »

How to Ensure Your Chickens Have Enough Water During the Summer

silkie chickens drinking a bowl of water

Summer can be a challenging time for backyard chickens. High temperatures and increased activity can lead to dehydration if not managed correctly. One essential factor in keeping your flock healthy and happy during the summer months is ensuring they have plenty of fresh, clean water. Let’s explore some tips for keeping your chickens well-hydrated this… Read more »

Do Chickens Need Sunscreen?

chickens sitting on perch underneath a tree

Summer is a season of abundant sunshine and warm temperatures, but for backyard chickens, the sun’s intense heat can pose some risks. A common question that arises is, “Do chickens need sunscreen?” Let’s tackle this query and further explore the sun and heat risks for your flock. Chickens and Sun Exposure Unlike humans, chickens do… Read more »

The Science Behind Chicken Communication: Decoding Clucks and Crows

two chickens in a coop

Have you ever wondered what your chickens are saying with their clucks, crows, and squawks? It turns out there’s a whole lot of communication going on in your backyard flock. In fact, researchers have identified more than 24 distinct vocalizations in chicken language. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of chicken communication. A Chicken’s Vocabulary… Read more »

Managing Your Chicken’s Waste: Creating Rich Compost for Your Garden

Free range organic chickens poultry in a country farm

Chicken owners are always on the hunt for effective ways to manage their flock’s waste. The good news? Chicken manure, rich in nitrogen, is a fantastic asset to your compost pile, turning your chickens’ waste into nutrient-dense compost for your garden. Let’s talk about how you can transform chicken waste into a gardener’s goldmine. The… Read more »

Integrating New Chickens into Your Existing Flock: A Comprehensive Guide

flock of backyard chickens

So, you’re ready to introduce some new feathered friends to your existing flock. That’s eggs-citing news! But we know it can also be a bit daunting. Chickens have a specific social structure – often referred to as a “pecking order” – and adding new birds to the mix can shake things up. But don’t worry,… Read more »

How to Get Your Chickens to Return to the Coop Each Night

Poultry farm, black woman and chicken coop for sustainable farming outdoor on a field for meat, food and free range eggs. Farmer with animals to care and feed livestock on a sustainable ranch.

You’ve built the coop, brought home your flock, and your backyard chicken adventure has begun. Now, as the sun sets, you’re noticing a little problem. Your feathered friends don’t seem too keen on returning to their coop for the night. But don’t worry, this is a common problem and thankfully we’ve got some easy tips… Read more »