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If you are starting a backyard flock for eggs, Chickens for Backyards can help you choose the best egg laying chicken breeds for sale. The best egg-laying breeds are the White Leghorn, Golden Comet, Rhode Island Red, and beautiful Barred Plymouth Rock. If you are just starting a new flock, we will hatch and ship baby egg laying chicks to your home and provide you with information about starting your own backyard chicken flock.

While all hens produce eggs, it is important to look at specific characteristics when you are focusing on egg laying. When looking for an egg laying flock, you want chickens with high production rates that are also hardy and non-aggressive. It is important to consider the climate your chickens will live in, whether you have a coop or your chickens are free-range, how close your chickens will be to each other and whether they will be interacting with other species of chickens when you are selecting hens. Learn more about the four best egg-laying chickens for your flock by clicking on each photo.

Get started with our low minimum orders and purchase as few as three baby chicks. You can mix and match any of our different chicks, including brown, white, and green egg layers, so you can find your favorite. To learn more about the best egg laying chickens, contact us today.


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