Mottled Japanese Bantam

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The Mottled Japanese Bantam has a compact round body covered with black plumage, with some feathers ending in an attractive white V-shape tip. The roosters are crowned with an outsize bright red comb. These unique chickens are true bantams, meaning they have no larger counterpart.
Japanese Bantams were known in Japan since at least the 1600s. They came to the United States in the mid 1800s and were first listed in the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. The Mottled Japanese Bantam was accepted in 1947.

Japanese Bantams have several unusual features. For one, their wings touch the ground. Another feature is they carry their graceful tail so far forward that it nearly touches the back of the head. And the long tail feathers reach higher than the head.

They also have uncommonly short shanks, which are required for birds entered into exhibition. However, short shanks come with a lethal creeper gene that results in embryo deaths during incubation.

Mating Japanese bantams that both have short shanks results in 50% offspring with short shanks, 25% with normal shanks, and 25% that die in the shell during incubation. Mating Japanese bantams that both have shanks of normal length results in all offspring having normal shanks and none having the creeper gene. These birds are therefore unsuitable for exhibition. But they still make terrific pets.
The unique appearance of this tiny bantam leads to its demand as an ornamental, as well as a pet. Adding to its appeal, the Mottled Japanese Bantam gets along really well in a small backyard with limited space.

 Egg Color Tinted  Hardiness Heat
 Egg Size Small  Broody Variable
 Production Fair  Hen Weight 22 oz
 Personality Active  Rooster Weight 26 oz

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