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White Plymouth Rocks are identical to the Barred Plymouth Rocks, except for their color, and rank second in popularity among the Plymouth Rock variety.

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First developed in New England back in the mid-1900s, the White Plymouth Rock chicken is an important part of the Plymouth Rock family. In the early stages of development, the name Plymouth Rock used to refer to a barred bird, but as more varieties of the Plymouth Rock chicken were developed, it becomes a more general reference for the breed. The White Plymouth Rock is now the second most popular of the Plymouth Rock variety, and as its name suggests, it is beautifully covered in solid white feathers.

White Plymouth Rock chickens are known to be gentle and calm, which makes them a perfect addition to any farm or backyard. They will remain passive, regardless of whether you choose to keep them in a coop or allow them free range of your property. Not only will your White Plymouth Rock chickens prove to be passive with other chickens in your flock, but you can allow you to handle the chicks without the worry of aggression. What’s more, this breed is also equipped to handle most climates and will continue to produce quality eggs in both hot and cold temperatures.

Not only do White Plymouth Rock chicks make for great backyard pets, but once they reach maturity, the hens are capable of laying a healthy number of large, brown eggs, averaging upwards of 200 eggs per year. White Plymouth Rock chickens can also grow to be quite large, making them a substantial source of quality meat. At full maturity, hens can reach a weight of 7 pounds, whereas roosters tend to reach roughly 8 pounds.

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Heat and Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Large  Broody Yes
 Egg Production Very Good  Hen Weight 7 lbs
 Personality Calm and Easy Going  Rooster Weight 8 lbs

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  1. Beth Reilly

    Beautiful Chickens!
    My White Plymouth Rocks Dixie & Gypsy, arrived in great condition and are the largest of the four that I received. They are beautiful and very friendly. I am very happy with my small flock!


    Very sweet chick! wonderful service!
    The White Plymouth rock is one of the most beautiful chickens. Its bright white feathers make it a great addition to our flock. She produces a steady amount of eggs and is very friendly!
    CFB provides great support for all my needs and provides great service. My family is very happy with our Mary!

  3. Katherine Kaylor

    Great Chicken
    I love my white rock chick! She is very sweet, friendly, and loves attention. Loves to sleep in your lap. I definitely recommend the white rock to any backyard flock. I would definitely be purchasing from here again! Thanks for the extra chick!

  4. Joel Blackburn

    One of our chickens is the White Plymouth, her name is Daisy. She doesn’t like to be picked up and is slightly aggressive to her sister chickens, especially when hungry. However, they are fun to watch as they search for bugs and things to eat. They get along well with dogs and cats, usually by avoiding them. They especially like eating pecans. We got chickens because we thought they would be an interesting pet, but they do so much more than just laying eggs.

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