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Buff Orpingtons have a beautiful golden plumage that is thick and full, making this already heavy breed appear much larger than they actually are.

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Day Old Male$4.72
Day Old Not Sexed$4.19
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Buff Orpington chickens first originated in Orpington, England back in the late 1800s, which is how the Buff Orpington breed got its majestic-sounding name. Since then, Buff Orpington chickens have elevated into one of the most popular chicken breeds to raise as pets. They are easily distinguishable by their tan, fluffy feathers. People often make the mistake of assuming that they are much larger than they are because of their plumage. It’s their feathers that also allow Buff Orpington chickens to be hardy enough survive in almost any climate

One of the reasons Buff Orpington chickens have become popular as pets are because they are known for being both docile and gentle. If you have kids and plan to have them care for your chickens alongside you, choosing to raise Buff Orpington chicks would be ideal, as they are excellent with children. They are also heavy birds that are unable to fly, which makes them even easier to raise, and gives you the option to raise them in a chicken run or free-range in your yard.

Buff Orpington chickens are considered a good breed for egg-laying. Once your chicks reach maturity, they will eventually lay roughly 200-280 brown eggs per year, which will undoubtedly be enough to supply your family well into the winter season.

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Very Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Large  Broody Yes
 Egg Production Good  Hen Weight 7 lbs
 Personality Quiet & Affectionate  Rooster Weight 8 1/2 lbs

Live Chick Guarantee

We guarantee your ordered number of birds arrive healthy and true to breed. Please contact us immediately should any losses or variances to your order occur, this guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry. Any loss must be reported to Chickens for Backyards within 3 days of receipt for any adjustment to be made.Reshipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  If eligible, we will reship only once. Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will not include shipping charges.

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  1. shawn Major

    My first chicken order
    I ordered chickens for the first time, after much begging from my wife and daughters. I ordered 5, and then started thinking I might still have to buy eggs. So on the saturday before my wednesday ship date I called chickens for backyards, and asked if I could add 3 chicks to my order. Not only were they very helpful, and understanding, they sent me 5 more chicks for a total of ten! they arrived healthy happy and very vocal! My kids love them and my wife is happy. I did however have to build a bigger brooder since the amount of chicks started with doubled. I only ordered one buff Or, but it is very very calm and friendly. So far tis the only one my 7 yo daughter ever picks up on her own. thank you again for you r great service!

  2. Tricia Jones

    Gentle Hens
    I ordered my chicks last February. They arrived double boxed in a nice secure little area and were healthy, happy and warm. Customer service was super nice and very helpful with recommendations. My little buffs are so sweet. They lay beautiful brown eggs. Very good with other hens and gentle with kids.

  3. Linette Murphy

    Beautiful “Blonde” Fluffy Birds
    We wanted a variety of chickens and egg colors which is the reason we ordered from Chickens for Back Yards. so we could customize our flock and got a total of 6 different breeds. They came as day old chicks, hand delivered by our post master to our door. It was the cutest package to open! The chicks all arrived alive and healthy and warm and ready to join our flock! We ordered only one Buff Orpington and now at 11 weeks she is a beautiful bird! I think she looks like a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich! She is friendly and soft. We ordered our chicks on 6/9/15 and they were shipped on 6/17/15. We would highly recommend this breed and Chickens for Backyards. We can’t wait for the eggs!

  4. anna eckhardt

    Pretty hens
    We have received 2 orders from Chickens for Backyards in the past 6 months- both shipments were great! Everyone survived, hopped out of the box, and starting eating/drinking. Amazing. Our first set of girls are beautiful! Big healthy thriving hens. We ended up with a Roo and CFB were wonderful to work with and reimbursed us. He was gorgeous! But loud and had to move to a farm. 2nd set are still young, but they are thriving and growing. We don’t have a favorite big hen as they are all so different but all sweet and super friendly – Barred Plymouth, Buff Orpington and Americauna. They’ve been laying for a few months now. New chicks – Production Red, Laced Wyndotte, Americauna, and Light Brahma. My only disappointment is that our first Americauna is not laying blue/green eggs. They are large light eggs Maybe the second one will lay different colors?? I think you get much better quality hens than you would from the local tractor supply. These are good looking girls!

  5. Stephanie Mackey

    We have two buffs, Golden “Goldie” Pear and Peaches, and they’re seriously stunning. We ordered a mixed flock to have variety and I was worried about these girls being bland but my goodness are they fluffy and gorgeous. They’re feathers are truly breathtaking. Our girls are healthy and a very gentle and pleasant. They’re always the calm girls of the flock and avoid any scuffles that arise. We love our buffs! I would definitely recommend adding some of these to your flock. They’re great girls!

  6. Margaret Kosloski

    So Fun and Friendly
    We ordered a variety of chicks back in July and they are now 2 months old. The 2 Buff Orpingtons we ordered have been 2 of the more curious and fun birds to have around. They allow our 3 and 4 year-olds to pick them up and come up to greet us. We are so glad we ordered some of these beautiful birds!

  7. Chris Hughs

    Our buff orpington is top of a pecking order of 5 and just laid her first egg at 18.5 weeks. She’s also very curious and doesn’t mind being handled.


    Pure Joy
    I ordered 4 and recieved 5 of these sweet birds back in April they are good natured and beautiful animals. They They regularly follow me around and jump up into my lap. They have all started laying in the last couple weeks. I would highly recommend this breed to anybody.


    I love my Buff Orphintons from my last order. They produce so many eggs and are very friendly chickens. They are so easy to take care of. My family loves them. I highly recommend them.
    Thank you CFB! You are the best and provide great service and support!!!

  10. Marilyn Payton

    This has been a great breed for consistent laying and very friendly. Lay nice large eggs.

  11. Merle Bonner

    Nice Chicks
    All chicks arrived in good shape. Only problem was I had ordered pullets and ended up with 1 Buff, and 3 Easter Egger roosters. Still pleased with my order, and will order again from you. Thanks

  12. Edie Hines

    Chicken Strip is My Favorite Chicken!
    I bought these chicks last year. I kept one and gave several to my friends. My buff Orphington is my most favorite chicken. She is affectionate and super friendly!

  13. Joel Blackburn

    One of our chickens is the Buff Orpington, her name is Buffy. She is larger than most chickens and seems to be the leader of Chicken Noodle Gang. She gets along well with the other chickens. She don’t wonder off too far and she knows where he home is. They are fun to watch as they search for bugs and things to eat. Buffy has even eaten a lizard. They get along well with dogs and cats, usually by avoiding them. They don’t mind being picked up and carried around; they get along well with children. They especially like eating pecans. We got chickens because we thought they would be an interesting pet, but they do so much more than just laying eggs.

  14. jwjw78

    Beautiful, healthy birds! There was a mixup with delivery, but was made right. My Buffs are five months old and about half have started laying. My daughter loves them and so do I.

  15. Michele Hammond

    We bought 6 chicks varied varieties and received 8. We have 2 buffs and at 3 weeks old they have been the friendliest of all of them. They come up to us when we open enclosure and wait for us to put hand in and climb on it with no reservations.. All 8 chicks we received were healthy and have been easy to care for. I only wish we could potty train them to go poo in only one area…..because the poo A LOT!!!! They also drink and eat way more than you would ever imagine such a tiny chick could (poo too). They also have grown soooo fast. Mine are 3 1/2 weeks and have quadrupled in size. Thankful we accidentally bought bigger enclosure than we thought. They use every bit of the space.

  16. amfroschauer

    The golden retrievers of my flock. They arrived healthy 8 months ago and are thriving as adults, even in my snowy backyard. Funny personalities and inquisitive, ill always have these kids in my flock.

  17. Rachel Purkett

    Beautiful, healthy chicks! We are so happy. I was worried sick while they were in transit but they arrived chirping happily.

  18. Katie Aaron

    Arrived quickly and on time. All of the chicks arrived alive and well. It has been a month and a half since they arrived and they all have lived, happily and healthily. The buffs are very docile and sweet. I got some Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques and beware, they are little troublemakers. My only complaint is that I ordered only 5 chicks and 7 arrived. Since my county laws allow only 4 chickens, it made it that I had to get rid of even more chickens. Otherwise, love this service!

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