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Baby Chicks Available To Ship February - September 2017

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Buy baby chicks for sale in any type and start your own backyard flock. Chickens for Backyards offer turkeys, guineas, ducks and one day-old chicks for flocks of all types and size. We’re the ideal source for all hatchery needs, offering a large selection of baby chick breeds, starter supplies, information and more. 

We prioritize care for the chickens above all else and we provide fast, safe delivery so your new chicks are healthy when they reach your home. Our low minimum orders allow you to start your very own backyard flock with as little as three baby chicks! You can also mix and match different breeds to create a diverse flock, including egg layers, broilers and even pets. You can order three chicks at a time or even order as many as a hundred or more for your farm. Whether you are starting your backyard flock or expanding a farm, we can help you select the perfect chicks

With superior expertise our customer service department guarantees a positive shopping experience. Call 888-412-6715 to place your order online today! Do you have a question about purchasing from Chickens for Backyards? Send an Email to, and we will be happy to answer your questions

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