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To start or expand your country farm, take a look at Chickens for Backyards' brown egg layers: baby chicks for sale. Many country farms prefer chickens that lay brown eggs, as their look is generally more appealing and the eggs appear healthier. We have many different breeds of brown egg layers for sale to help you start your flock.

Chickens laying brown eggs are typically larger than chickens laying white eggs. The taste of the egg is generally determined by the health of the chicken and its diet, so feeding your chickens a natural diet of healthy foods will make your eggs a favorite at the farmer's market. If you are looking for a larger brood of brown egg-layers, select chickens that are naturally docile and social. These chickens are easy to manage so they are great breeds to start out with.

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Read reviews to see what other customers say about each of the breeds. Click on the picture to learn more about each of the brown egg-layers and place an order to add these chickens to your flock.