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The Black Star also known as “Black Sex Link” is the result of crossing two heritage purebred poultry standard chicken breeds together, a Rhode Island Red chicken rooster and the Barred Rock chicken hen. The baby chicks for sale from this…

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Black Star chickens, which are also known as Black Sex Link chickens, are created by crossing a Rhode Island Red chicken rooster with a Barred Rock hen. Crossing these two heritage chicken breeds result in color sexable chicks. Grown roosters feature faded barred with light colored neck hackle feathers, while hens are black with red mixed in their neck hackle feathers.

Though they are not show chicken, farmers and those who raise chickens in their backyards show interest in Black Star chicks for many reasons. For one thing, Black Star chickens are very active and enjoy foraging on open pastures, making them ideal for those who prefer to raise free-range chickens. Additionally, with their friendly and docile nature, this particular breed makes for a wonderful backyard pet for the entire family to enjoy. Finally, Black Star chickens are considered to be excellent layers, with hens capable of producing more than 300 extra-large brown eggs per year.

Black Star have proven to be one of the best sex-link crosses available today. You will wonder why you waited so long to invest in Black Star chicks once you order and bring yours home.

NOTE: These baby chicks look a little small, but their short chick fuzz is deceiving as baby chicks.


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