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There are many different breeds of chickens that are valuable to owners for different reasons. Some breeds share several desirable traits that make them preferable, especially for first-time owners. Chickens for Backyards gives you a list of popular chicken breeds for sale to help you choose the right chickens to start with or the right addition to your flock.

Before choosing chicken breeds, it is important to know what you are looking for. Are you looking for egg laying chickens with high production rates? Are you looking for broiler chickens that grow to a large size? Or are you looking for chickens that are easy to care for and manage? It is best to start with chickens that are naturally non-aggressive, so you can easily gather eggs and attend to the flocks' needs. Many of these breeds are popular because of their gentle temperaments and make great pets. Others are non-aggressive and they are also beautiful and iconic in appearance, like the Rhode Island Red or the Barred Plymouth Rock. Others, like Ameraucana, are known for laying brightly colored eggs, and others are known for their high, consistent egg production.

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Click on the picture to reach more about each chicken breed. Select a gentle breed, a productive egg layer, a chicken with a beautiful appearance or mix and match to select one of each