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Salmon Faverolles were developed in the French village of Faverolle from crosses of Houdans, Dorkings, and Asiatic breeds.

Day Old Female$8.48
Day Old Male$6.36
Day Old Not Sexed$5.83
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The Salmon Faverolle chicken breed was developed in the French village of Faverolle and was developed from crosses of Houdans, Dorkings, and Asiatic chicken breeds. Originally bred for utilitarian reasons, they are now raised mostly for poultry shows or chicken hobbyist. The males and females are easy to distinguish by their plumage and have a unique fifth chicken toe. They are one of a small number of standard chicken breeds that lay tinted or cream-colored eggs. You will find this chicken breed talked about on chicken forums and chicken blogs. They are well suited for a chicken pet for the backyard chicken coop.

 Egg Color Light Brown/Creamy White  Hardiness Cold
 Egg Size Medium  Broody Infrequently
 Egg Production Very Good  Hen Weight 6 lbs
 Personality Calm  Rooster Weight 8 lbs


Live Chick Guarantee

We guarantee your ordered number of birds arrive healthy and true to breed. Please contact us immediately should any losses or variances to your order occur, this guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry. Any loss must be reported to Chickens for Backyards within 3 days of receipt for any adjustment to be made. Reshipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  If eligible, we will reship only once. Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will not include shipping charges.

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  1. Jill Bell

    Hilarious, friendly and fun, great customer service
    I have to say that Chickens for Backyards has fabulous customer service. I had an issue and they helped me through it, now I have big, healthy girls. They aren’t laying yet but they are getting toward 5 months. They are really friendly hens and their antics are great to watch. I would recommend both the Salmon Favorelles and Chickens for Backyards to anyone that wanted standard size chickens and a great place to get them from!

  2. Tammie Buchanan

    Great buy
    We purchased our Salmon Favorelle last spring along with other chicks. They all came very well packed and in excellent condition. Our chickens started laying at about 4 1/2 – 5 months old and have layed eggs all winter. Healthy, beautiful chickens.

  3. Susanna Northrup

    Sweet chicken, lots of personality
    I received my chickens last May, and they are all doing wonderfully. My Salmon Faverolles was the first to be named, because she showed the most personality as a chick. It is quite possible that she is the ugliest Salmon Faverolles in existence. She has dark gray in her beard that makes her look like she’s dirty all the time, and she isn’t as cream-colored and foofy as photos of others that I’ve seen, but she’s still a great chicken.

  4. Edie Hines

    Love this chicken
    I ordered 4 and gave three to my friends. These are vocal birds with a super sweet temperament. This is one of my favorite chickens in my pet chicken flock!

  5. Angela

    I just want to say how much I love my salmon faverolle!
    She is my Muffy. She has raised a nest of chicks and kept them with her a lot longer than my other broody hen. I love the way she runs… or gallops… she is fun,
    gentle, and just sweet.

  6. Diane Rotundo

    I ordered 2 female chicks and both are doing great at 5 weeks. Heckle and Jeckle are so fat and sassy. They are just starting to come to me for treats but show plenty of interest in what I’m doing, so I think they will be friendlier in time. They are a bit different in coloring so I can tell them apart now. Heckle runs in circles when excited and Jeckle likes to fly up and perch on the side of the pen. (I used a dog playpen as a brooder). Thank you for such pretty ladies.

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