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Easter Eggers (Ameraucanas) are a very popular breed because of the beautiful blue or green tinted eggs they lay, which have contributed to their nickname as the “Easter Egg Chicken”.

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Easter Egger chickens, which are often referred to as Ameraucana chickens, are a mixed breed that is derived directly from the Araucana breed. Over the years, this particular type of chicken has grown in popularity due to the blue and green-tinted eggs that they produce and the excitement that goes along with such colors. Chickens for Backyards couldn’t be any happier to provide these unique chicks for sale, as you and your family will undoubtedly have so much fun collecting eggs laid by the so-called “Easter Egg Chicken”.

Easter Egger chickens are, in general, very friendly and active. They are also relatively small in size and will only grow to be about 4 or 5 pounds when they mature, which makes them easy to handle. Easter Egger chickens do well in many different climates but are particularly cold weather hardy, allowing them to thrive in any season regardless of whether you choose to raise them in a free range setting or in a small coop. Additionally, no two Easter Egger chickens are identical in appearance.

As you can imagine, Easter Egger chickens are most attractive for their unique egg colors. The eggs that these chickens lay will typically be either blue or green in color, depending upon the bird, and are usually medium in size. Regardless of whether you choose to keep the eggs for your own table or sell them at a local farmers market, there’s just something about these unique-colored eggs that adds excitement to any carton!

NOTE: The Easter Egger breed is known for having an inherent genetic beak issue. As they grow the chicks may develop scissor beak/cross beak. This means that the top and bottom beak do not align and normally gets worse as the chicken ages. The severity of this genetic issue differs and normally happens in 1 out of every 100 chicks. 


 Egg Color Blue/Green  Hardiness Very Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Medium  Broody Yes
 Production Good  Hen Weight 4 lbs
 Personality Active & Friendly  Rooster Weight 5 lbs


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2 reviews for Easter Egger

  1. Hens are ok, Rooster is cool

    I received my chicks last May, and they are still going strong. I had ordered 3 Easter Egger hens, and got an extra one thrown in, who turned out to be a rooster. He turned out to be very mellow, not too noisy unless he’s “king of the tree”, and not too rough on the hens. he’s very pretty as well, with yellow saddle and neck feathers, gray body, and orange-ish brown wings and chest.
    2 of the hens look similar, and don’t seem to be super friendly, but not mean. The last hen I named Regina George, because she began attacking my hands at 3 weeks old when I would clean the brooder. No amount of positive reinforcement helped her, and I am pretty sure she has something not quite right in her head. She fights with sticks a lot. She is otherwise not too aggressive, though. All 3 hens lay slightly different shades of blue eggs.

  2. Sweet Hen!

    Rosemary is our smallest chicken, but she is definitely the sweetest. She is at the bottom of the pecking order, so she sometimes gets picked on, but she does a good job of keeping her distance. She’s by far our smartest chicken, and she lays beautiful light green/teal eggs, which my husband swears taste better than the other eggs. She has different foraging habits than the other chickens, so maybe her eggs taste better because of her picky diet? She is a beautiful white hen, with a dark gray head/neck and a red breast. Her cheeks are adorable because they stick way out. She has a different face than the other chickens, and to me she looks more like a hawk. We hold our chickens often and treat them like pets, and Rosemary is always the first to fall asleep in our arms, although she is by far the most difficult to catch because she is too smart. She was our second hen to start laying at 4 months (the first hen was one day earlier – our Buff Orpington). I would definitely recommend!

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