The Pros and Cons of Eating Egg Whites

In our last blog post, we explained the secret behind egg yolk color. In that very post, we touched on the nutritional benefits of eating egg yolks. But what about egg whites? There are many people who eat only egg whites and take out the yolk, assuming that this is the healthiest thing to do. But this isn’t always the case. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of eating only egg whites:

Pros of Egg Whiteswhipped egg whites in bowl with whisk and egg shell

  • Good source of protein: Most of the protein you find in eggs comes from the whites, roughly 4 grams to be precise. That’s why people who are trying to build muscle eat a lot of egg whites, because protein boosts and maintains muscle mass as you age.
  • Egg whites are heart-healthy: Egg whites have no cholesterol, so eating only egg whites is a good option for those struggling with their cholesterol levels. This will also help your heart health, especially if you’re at risk for heart disease or stroke.

Cons of Egg Whites

  • Egg allergies: People who have egg allergies usually react to the albumin, which is a protein found in egg whites. As such, eating egg whites could trigger an allergic reaction if you have an egg allergy. Of course, eating a whole egg will trigger allergies as well.
  • Lack of biotin: Biotin is a crucial vitamin that you need for your overall health. It is especially important for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails, and it also helps your digestion. Biotin, however, is only found in an egg’s yolk. As such, by only eating egg whites, you could be limiting your biotin intake.

Whether you choose to eat only the egg whites or an entire egg, always consult first with your doctor. For more egg and chicken tips, read through our blog here at Chickens for Backyards.