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Chickens for Backyards gives you a wide selection of birds to choose, with waterfowl in addition to chickens and turkeys. We have goslings and ducklings at our waterfowl hatchery with many different species to choose from so you can find the right breed for your needs and environment. 

All of our birds are delivered to your home at one day old, so they are ready to grow up at your home. Add waterfowl or geese to your family farm or the pond on your property, and select species that thrive in your environment. We ship ducks and geese across the nation, with our guarantee your goslings and ducklings will arrive healthy. 

Choose from nine different species of ducks and mix and match your order to make a diverse flock.

Click on any duck or goose selection to learn more about the breed's origins, preferred environment, flying capabilities, egg-laying habits and more. Take a look at our assortment specials to get the best prices on your order.