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The Ancona duck was originally thought to be British, but in-depth research has been done and it points to the breed being created in America. In 1913 W.J. Wirt of Ridge View Farms in Knowlesville, New York published an article in the Fowl Club of America Yearbook announcing the development of a new breed of duck he calls the “Ancona”. The Ancona duck is currently designated as an American breed and is on The Livestock Conservancy watch list.

This breed has color variations. The Ancona ducklings we sell will be yellow with black spots. When mature they have a stocky body with black and white feathers that have no real recurring pattern. Their bills are yellow with dark green or black spotting, and the legs and feet are orange with black or brown markings. Other color varieties are Blue and White, Chocolate and White, Silver and White, Lavender and White, and Tricolored.

Anconas are a rare duck breed that grows fast. They are known to produce high-quality meat that is more flavorful and less fatty than most Pekin ducks. They make great mothers and are also excellent in egg production, averaging 210-280 white, cream, or blue jumbo-sized eggs yearly.

If you are looking for an excellent pond or backyard duck then look no further. They love to forage for their food and are quick at reducing large “banana” slug populations.  Ancona ducks are not known to fly and tend to stay close to home. They are larger ducks and are not likely to be preyed upon by winged predators. This beautiful duck has a calm temperament and is a great pet. Anconas are hardy, adaptable, and an all-around dual-purpose duck.

Live Duckling Guarantee

We guarantee your ordered number of birds arrive healthy and true to breed. Please contact us immediately should any losses or variances to your order occur, this guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry. Any loss must be reported to Chickens for Backyards within 3 days of receipt for any adjustment to be made. Reshipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements. If eligible, we will reship only once. Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will not include shipping charges.

  1. Gina Baker

    My babies arrived right on time healthy and very excited to be out of the box! They are thriving well and are getting along great with our other babies! This is my second order from this company and I highly recommend them I got chickens last year and they all did well also there healthy and in way better shape then the ones younger from your local feed stores in my opinion. Looking forward to next year when we extend our flock again and get to buy some new babies!

  2. Maria Tsiplakos

    All 8 of our ducks arrived perfectly healthy! We were so delighted with our purchase. We will definitely be a repeat customer. We even received 1 extra duckling. 4 weeks old so far and they are very healthy.

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