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If you are just starting your backyard chicken farm, it is important to choose breeds that are easy to manage. This is particularly important if you have children or frequently have guests at your home. Chickens for Backyards has a list of the top five gentle backyard chicken breeds to make it easier to manage your flock and take care of your chickens.

Some chickens are naturally more aggressive than others. When defending themselves and their offspring from predators, this was an advantageous evolutionary feature. However, this is not a very advantageous feature for families trying to raise a backyard farm. Several breeds of chickens are naturally less aggressive, making them easier to care for and have around your home. For those who have not raised chickens before or those looking for egg laying chickens, a naturally gentle breed is preferable. These chicken breeds are ideal if you are looking for egg laying chickens or broiler chickens that are not known to peck, scratch or act out aggressively.

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Click on the photo to learn more about our gentler chicken breeds. You can order as few as three chickens to start your backyard flock and mix and match any chicken breeds.