Shop Colored Egg Layers

So when you are choosing your next breeds of chickens, why not add a little color to your egg basket? Brown and white eggs are not the only types of eggs available. Though you won't find these eggs in most stores, these chickens will lay green or blue eggs. Chickens for Backyards have rare chickens for sale that produce these unique eggs. 

Ameraucana chickens produce green and blue colored eggs that are reminiscent of an Easter Egg hunt, which is where they derive their unique nick-name. Green- and blue-colored eggs will differentiate your eggs at local markets and will get customers' attention, as these eggs are very rarely found in stores. Ameraucana chickens are also easy to raise and have a docile personality that gets along with other chickens in free-range of backyard flocks. Blue- and green-colored eggs are generally easier to find and, for children given egg-hunting tasks, finding colorful eggs is usually more fun.


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