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* For 2019 there is a 50 maximum limit per order due to our small flocks.

Olive Egger chickens are not part of a recognized chicken breed in the U.S. Rather, they are produced by crossing two breeds, including one that carries the blue egg gene and one that carries the dark brown egg gene. For example, the Ameraucana and Araucana chickens are typically used for the blue egg gene, while Marans and Welsummer chickens are typically used for the dark brown egg gene. Each hatchery has different practices in place that are used to create Olive Egger chickens, including Chickens for Backyards.

Because Olive Egger chickens are a cross of two chicken breeds, they tend to vary greatly in appearance and temperament, depending on which breeds are used to create them. For the most part, however, Olive Egger chickens have proven to be very friendly and active, making a welcome addition to any backyard. They tend to do well in just about any climate. Olive Egger chickens can lay 180-200 large unique, olive-colored eggs throughout the year.

Olive Egger chickens are rare compared to other chicken breeds, which is why Chickens for Backyards will usually place a maximum of 15 on any Olive Egger order. If you have never had an Olive Egger chicken on your farm or in your backyard, you should consider trying them, as there’s nothing better than that first glimpse at an olive-tinted egg in your coop!

 Egg Color Olive Green  Hardiness Very Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Medium  Broody Yes
 Egg Production Good  Hen Weight 5 1/2 lbs
 Personality Active & Friendly  Rooster Weight 6 1/2 lbs

  1. carol hagen

    easter chicks
    beautiful baby chicks , watching them all grow my easter chickens are great and healthy.fast delivery thank you

  2. MIke Evering

    Beautiful birds
    We ordered the 100 chick package, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality of the birds we received.
    Great looking birds, and great looking eggs. A+ in our book.

  3. Holly Childs

    special lil chicks…
    We ordered a few different breeds… All the chicks arrived healthy and alert. These little chicks are spunky and fun! There is one Ameraucana, Misty that is thee sweetest out of the bunch! Friends with all the chicks and loves to be picked up. We got 7 total of 4 different breeds… Everyone is enjoying them… especially the kids!

  4. Cori Noordyk

    Light Brown/Blush Pink Eggs
    Got our chickens delivered in March. Got two EE in the bunch. Both are fairly friendly, with one being a big time social butterfly. Couldn’t be happier with the birds themselves, but was pretty disappointed when I got my first egg. I was convinced my Silver Laced Wyandotte was laying based on egg color, and was very surprised when I caught my favorite EE laying light brown/blush pink eggs. Super disappointed that I’m not getting green eggs from her. Crossing my fingers that my second EE produces some color.

  5. Melisa Prater

    Love my chicks!
    We ordered 8 Easter Eggers and 10 arrived safe and doing well. They were packed well and arrived right on time with no delay. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching them all grow. They’re almost 3 months old so they’re not laying yet, but we can’t wait to see the egg colors. Out of the 10, we ended up with one rooster, which was fine. We gave a friend the rooster plus four hens because we already had a Rhode Island Red rooster with 8 hens. We have moved the Easter Eggers in the big pen with the other chickens but they’re in a huge dog crate and will let them out as soon as they are big enough to defend themselves. We’re very happy with our purchase and service from Chickensforbackyards.com!!!

  6. David Durso

    Great Chickens!
    My girlfriend and I ordered 3 of these lil’ babies along with a buff orpington and a black austrolorp. They were packed and delivered professionally, all alive (and ultimately survived). We’ve ended up with an olive green, a green/blue, and a pink layer. All of their demeanors are generally very friendly and docile. They lay a surprisingly large number of eggs and have really been the best “all-around” chicken breed we’ve owned.

  7. Joe Iaconetti

    little darlings
    my wife and I have been ordering for 2 years now havnt had a single issue yet next order iam getting a few of these girls iam sure I wont be disapointed

  8. Brandon Sanders

    Get out the ham!
    I thought green eggs and ham was make believe, but these birds prove that wrong. Our 2 girls lay beautiful light green eggs that look great with the typical brown and white eggs. These two birds are the quietest of all our chickens. If it weren’t for the green eggs I would forget that we have them. I will be handing there eggs out soon to family and friends and I am excited to see the reactions of some of people that aren’t familiar with this type of chicken. I recommend you considering getting some Easter Eggers – your kids will love them!

  9. Linette Murphy

    Happy with our Easter Eggers
    We ordered our Easter Eggers on 6/9/15 and they were shipped on 6/17/15. We only ordered 2, but it turns out that we have 3 total. We assume that maybe the hatchery wasn’t sure if they were males or females so they threw in an extra one. But so far so good as we think they are all female. They are three different colors and haven’t started laying yet. They are only 11 weeks old. The Easter Eggers are beautiful birds simply because of their variety of colors and their poofy feathered cheeks. They look almost like the Phoenix from Happy Potter and the kids love them. We have no experiences any cross bill issues that the description warned about. We ordered through Chickens for Backyards because we could customize our flock and got a total of 6 different breeds. They came as day old chicks, hand delivered by our post master to our door. It was the cutest package to open! The chicks all arrived alive and healthy and warm and ready to join our flock! We would highly recommend!

  10. David Leonard

    Beautiful bird and eggs
    Ordered 4 chicks in the spring from Chickens for Backyards, including an Easter Egger. She was the cutest chick of the bunch, earning the name “Fuzzy” for her exceptionally long and fuzzy hair as a baby chick. Once fully feathered, she has beautiful plumage that’s silver and golden-bronze. She’s the chicken that makes us laugh the most – she doesn’t have a very high IQ. But she’s a great egg layer, giving us about 5 beautiful bluish-green eggs a week.

  11. Kate Turner

    Love ’em, but got a surprise
    We ordered 8 pullets, all born in March, and they were delivered healthy and happy. I was so excited to get 3 Easter Eggers, since I had 4 older hens that laid brown and white eggs. Imagine my surprise on morning in late July when I heard what sounded like a fledgling crowing sound from the barnyard. Sure enough, one of my EE turned out to be a rooster! I debated about keeping him, but he’s so beautiful that I couldn’t part with him. So, my 2 EE’s are laying gorgeous green/blue eggs and I love them!!! I renamed Hanna (the roo) — his name now is Bruce.

  12. anna eckhardt

    not blue eggs :<
    We have received 2 orders from Chickens for Backyards in the past 6 months- both shipments were great! Everyone survived, hopped out of the box, and starting eating/drinking. Amazing. Our first set of girls are beautiful! Big healthy thriving hens. We ended up with a Roo and CFB were wonderful to work with and reimbursed us. He was gorgeous! But loud and had to move to a farm. 2nd set are still young, but they are thriving and growing. We don’t have a favorite big hen as they are all so different but all sweet and super friendly – Barred Plymouth, Buff Orpington and Americauna. They’ve been laying for a few months now. New chicks – Production Red, Laced Wyndotte, Americauna, and Light Brahma. My only disappointment is that our first Americauna is not laying blue/green eggs. They are large light eggs Maybe the second one will lay different colors?? I think you get much better quality hens than you would from the local tractor supply. These are good looking girls!

  13. Margaret Kosloski

    Ordered 2, Got 3
    We placed an order of 12 chicks in July, 2 of which were Easter Eggers. We ended up being sent 15 chicks total, 3 of which were Easter Eggers. All 15 chicks are now 2 months old and healthy and happy. Of our 3 EEs, 1 is white with some light brown coloring and 2 are blue wheaten. One of the blue wheatens is the most friendly animal I’ve ever seen! She flies up onto our shoulders, jumps on our heads, and is always eager to greet us. We added the EEs to our order a week or so before the chicks shipped (customer service was so helpful and kind) and we are so grateful we did!

  14. Holly Waugh

    Happy Chicken Mom
    My husband and I placed our first order in July 2016 and recieved 4 chicks. A light brahma, golden comet, silver laced wyandotte and an Easter egger. Our girls just started laying, (December) and it has been wonderful to go to the coop and collect fresh eggs every morning. Our EE is our FAVORITE! So friendly, loves to be held and cuddled! Definitely going to order more in another year! I was very happy that they arrived safely and in the best health!

  15. Tammie Buchanan

    Kids love them
    We purchased our Easter Eggers last spring along with other chicks. They all came very well packed and in excellent condition. Our chickens started laying at about 4 1/2 – 5 months old and have layed eggs all winter. Healthy, beautiful chickens and our kids love the eggs!!

  16. Heather Church

    Ordered pullets, and for 1 female and 1 male. Will be rehoming the male as we aren’t allowed. To have them in city limits. So sad cause he’s beautiful. It was nice to order 5 total and receive 7. But 3 males in total makes me sad.

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