What is the Best Chicken Coop Flooring?

What is the Best Chicken Coop Flooring?From chicken roosts to bedding, there are many things to consider when we’re building our chicken coops. However, none of these things will be much use without a good foundation—namely the flooring. Not all chicken coops need flooring—indeed, those that use the deep litter method or have well-draining soil can go without it—but most do in order to keep out predators and rodents. If your chicken coop is one of them, then your flooring will need to be made out of only the best material.

Here are the most common coop flooring options:


This is the most commonly used type of chicken coop flooring. Wood is inexpensive and easy to construct; it is also able to keep out rodents and predators. However, it can be difficult to clean, leading to wood rot or a bug infestation.


Wire floors are another common type of chicken coop flooring. It’s durable enough to keep out predators, plus it’s easy to clean. It also adds extra ventilation by elevating the coop. However, wire is uncomfortable to walk on, potentially injuring your chickens’ legs and feet. Chicken droppings can also get stuck in the wire if you’re not careful.


It’s cheap, easy to maintain, and you can find it almost anywhere. Dirt may not be the first type of flooring you think of, but it’s a solid option, nonetheless. However, while it may save you a few bucks, you will have to deal with your chickens digging holes for their dust baths. These holes can create uneven flooring that attracts even more dirt and muck. To put it simply, dirt can get dirty, and you may find yourself cleaning your coop more often than you’d like.

Rubber mats

Rubber mats have become increasingly popular amongst chicken owners in recent years. They’re heavy-duty, easy to clean, and are simple to install. These features do come at a price, though—literally. Rubber mats are much more expensive up-front than other types of flooring, making some chicken owners balk.

The Verdict: Rubber Mats

Yes, rubber mats are initially expensive, but your chicken coop flooring should be an investment. With the other floorings, you will be spending time and money fixing or cleaning your floors. That won’t be the case with rubber mats. They stick to the floor without any adhesives or staples, and they’re fairly comfortable to walk on. Need to clean them? No problem, just remove the mat, hose it down, and let it dry in the sun.

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