The Best Cold Weather Chicken Breeds

With the cold weather setting in, you’re likely taking steps to prepare your flock for the months ahead. But if you live in a cold climate, it may be a good idea to get chickens that are built for colder weather. These hardy chickens can withstand tougher conditions than most normal chickens. But which breeds are so hardy? Read on to learn more:

What to look forchicken walking through the snow in winter

Before we get into the specific breeds, it’s important to cover what exactly you should look for when finding a hardy chicken breed. While cold weather chicken breeds can vary, they generally have many of the following characteristics:

  • Small comb: Hardy breeds tend to have smaller combs. This is because smaller combs are less susceptible to frostbite than larger ones.
  • Feathered feed: Chickens built for the cold will have feathered feet to keep their toes warm.
  • Large size: Hardy chickens are also larger. The larger they are, the more body fat they have, which means they’re less likely to get cold than smaller chickens.

Hardy Breeds for Egg Laying

If the main purpose of your backyard flock is to produce eggs, then you’ll want hardy breeds to are also excellent layers. Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. These include the following breeds:

Friendly, Hardy Breeds

If you’re building a small flock because you like to keep chickens as pets, then egg laying will not be a top priority for you. You’ll instead want to find friendlier breeds that will enjoy cuddly up next to you.

These breeds can withstand the cold better than most, but they’ll still need proper care during the winter months. For tips on how to care for your flock during the winter, read through our blog or contact Chickens for Backyards today!