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Buff Laced Polish

The bearded Buff Laced Polish chicken comes to us from Holland. It was brought to North America in the early 1800s and admitted to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1883. The Buff Laced Polish has golden buff feathers laced in creamy white. The beak, shanks, and feet are slate gray. The name… Read more »

Blue Polish

The Blue Polish chicken has a knob on top of its head, from which a crest of white feathers sprout. These feathers create a puffy pompom on the heads of hens and a sort of floppy umbrella shape on the heads of roosters. The Polish chicken’s topknot feathers often require a bit of extra maintenance…. Read more »

White Crested Black Polish

The ever popular White Crested Black Polish chicken has a shiny coat of black plumage set off by a contrasting crest of mostly white feathers. The shape of the hen’s crest is a puffy pompom, while the rooster’s is more of a floppy umbrella. Keeping Polish chickens, as well as other crested breeds like Houdan… Read more »

Splash Polish

The striking Splash Polish chicken has white or blue-gray plumage splattered with spots and streaks of dark blue or black. The Splash color is related to the blue gene. If you breed only Splash chickens, each generation will be lighter in color. But if you breed Splash with Blue you will have 50% Splash and… Read more »

Silver Laced Polish

The stunning plumage of the Silver Laced Polish chicken is a contrast in black and white. Each silvery white feather is set off by a narrow band of black lacing around the entire web. Add to that the attractive beard and puffy topknot, and you have a truly distinctive ornamental chicken. An especially impressive crest… Read more »