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A Very Hardy Dual Purpose Canadian Chicken- White Chantecler Chickens

The White Chantecler Chicken is one of three varieties of the very rare Chantecler Chicken. The Chantecler Chicken is the very first chicken breed developed in Canada. The breed was developed by a monk in Quebec who desired to create a unique Canadian chicken that had the strong dual-purpose characteristics of meat and egg production and could withstand the brutal cold Canadian winters.

Brother Wilfred developed this breed starting in 1908 at the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec. The goal was to breed a chicken that could stand up to the rustic wilds of Canada, and thus many northern climates. The White Chantecler Chicken was the original bloodline created by Brother Wilfred. The White Chantecler Chicken is a variety that has not been accepted by the APA, but still has the good dual-purpose characteristics of the original Chantecler Chicken. Its extreme cold hardiness comes from its chunky and heavyset body along with having extra small combs and wattles that are mostly immune to frostbite.

The Chantecler Chicken will lay about 4 large brown eggs per weak. They are a gentle breed but can be tense and edgy if kept in close confinement.

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