Silver Laced Polish

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The stunning plumage of the Silver Laced Polish chicken is a contrast in black and white. Each silvery white feather is set off by a narrow band of black lacing around the entire web. Add to that the attractive beard and puffy topknot, and you have a truly distinctive ornamental chicken.

An especially impressive crest of head feathers, though, may limit the bird’s vision and may therefore need to be trimmed away from the eyes. The crest also easily gets wet, so Polish chickens much prefer warm, dry weather to cold, wet weather.

The easy going bearded Silver Laced Polish makes a wonderful pet, a unique backyard ornamental, and a standout at exhibition. The American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection admitted this variety in 1874.

Nearly identical to the Silver Polish is the bearded Golden Laced Polish, with its base color of bay instead of white. Chickens for Backyards also offers several other attractive Polish varieties.

 Egg Color White  Hardiness Heat
 Egg Size Medium  Broody Rarely
 Production Good  Hen Weight 4½ lbs
 Personality Docile  Rooster Weight 6 lbs

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