Golden Laced Cochin

Hatching on March 3, 2021

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The Cochin chicken originated in China and was exported to England and America in 1845. The name of this breed has changed several times. Originally it was called Chinese Shanghai fowl, then Cochina China, and later changed to Cochin. This breed…

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The Cochin chicken originated in China and was exported to England and America in 1845. The name of this breed has changed several times. Originally it was called Chinese Shanghai fowl, then Cochina China, and later changed to Cochin. This breed was a favorite for Queen Victoria in the 1800s. The Golden Laced Cochin was admitted into the American Standard of perfection in 1965.

The Cochins are a heavy breed with the hens weighing about 8.5 pounds and the roosters weighing around 11 pounds. These chickens are known for having oodles of soft and fluffy plumage on their bodies and feet. The Golden Laced Cochin is dark golden laced with a greenish-black coloring. The cochins produce medium size eggs but are not strong layers; they do produce in the winter. However, they make excellent fryers and are best when harvested at 15-16 months of age. The Cochins are cold hardy as long as their pin is dry. These chickens are known for getting frostbite on their toes if the ground is too wet because of all their feathers. If you are trying to breed this chicken you might consider removing the feathers around their vent so that they do not interfere. The Cochins do not fly and handle confinement easily.

The Cochin chicken is also very well known for being extremely gentle. They are mostly used for showing or for pets. The females are very broody and will mother almost anything, even ducks and turkeys. The males are not aggressive either. This chicken will make a great addition to your backyard flock because of their calm, loving disposition and their ability to get along with other animals.




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  1. Do you remember Kramer?

    I adore my Golden Cochen. Born in March and delivered (along with 7 other chickens) healthy and happy. I named her Ruth and she is absolutely gorgeous. But I have to say, she makes an entrance from the hen house out to the barnyard just like Kramer from Seinfeld. If she’s the only one in the house and the other chickens are out in the barnyard when I come in, she comes boiling out of the door – runs crazily all the way across the barnyard – usually runs into the fence and bounces back – and then just looks up at me like “hey, Mom, what ya got for me?” It’s hilarious! I love her dearly — those fuzzy legs and feathered feet just crack me up!! What a joy.

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