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The Buff Cochin bantam appears to be a miniature version of the Buff Cochin standard-size chicken. But evidence indicates they may be an entirely different breed that has been known in China for many centuries.

When these bantams were brought to Great Britain from Peking (now Beijing), China, around 1860 they were known as Pekin bantams. In England and other parts of Europe they are still called Pekin, is distinct from the Cochin breed. In the United States they are considered to be bantam Cochins.

Cochin bantams are the most popular of the feather-legged bantam breeds. The buff variety, recognized by the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1874, is the original plumage color. Today Cochin bantams come in many color varieties.

The full feathering and low stance of these bantams gives them their characteristic round shape. Because of their size and shape, these chickens are not fast moving, and therefore are less able to escape predators.

The heavy feathering on their feet makes muddy conditions unpleasant for them. And wet, cold weather makes their feet susceptible to frostbite. On the other hand, dense feathering makes these birds especially resistant to cold weather, where they are more comfortable than in a hot climate.

The Buff Cochin Bantam doesn’t require much space. And the hens are excellent broodies and protective mothers. These bantams are an outstanding choice as backyard pets, show birds, and ornamental chickens.

If you prefer the same appearance in a much larger breed, you might consider our Buff Cochin standard chickens.

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold
 Egg Size Small  Broody Excellent
 Production Fair  Hen Weight 26 oz
 Personality Docile  Rooster Weight 30 oz

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