Buff Brahma

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Buff Brahmas are very hardy and a mellow breed which makes them an ideal backyard pet.

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Buff Brahma chicken breed is an especially rare variety hatched by very few hatcheries here in the United States. They have a beautiful golden buff and black feather pattern with feathered legs and toes and the hens lay brown eggs. This chicken breed is well suited for backyard chicken coops, are great docile chickens and make excellent pet chickens. Buff Brahmas hens are also known for being a good mother for raising baby chicks and considered a great choice for raising chickens for eggs and kids. Buy these chicks for sale online at chickensforbackyards.com and check out our chicken facts.


 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold & Heat
 Egg Size Medium  Broody Yes
 Egg Production Good  Hen Weight 9 1/2 lbs
 Personality Gentle  Rooster Weight 12 lbs



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  1. Linette Murphy

    Beautiful Feathered Feet
    We wanted a variety of chickens and egg colors which is the reason we ordered from Chickens for Back Yards. so we could customize our flock and got a total of 6 different breeds. They came as day old chicks, hand delivered by our post master to our door. It was the cutest package to open! The chicks all arrived alive and healthy and warm and ready to join our flock! We ordered only one Buff Brahma specifically for the feathers on her feet and now at 11 weeks she is a beautiful bird! She has had the feathers on her feet since just a few days old and now they are more pronounced. They give her a lot of character and beauty. We ordered our chicks on 6/9/15 and they were shipped on 6/17/15. We would highly recommend this breed and Chickens for Backyards. We can’t wait for the eggs!

  2. samantha brooks

    Ehhhhh…..The Rooster is nice
    I ordered 3 of these this year. One of the hatches did not work out so i had to wait an extra week (no big deal, i grew up raising chickens i know things happen). 4 day old chicks arrived. I ordered all hens. at 3 months old i had to have one hen put down, she was huge and the nicest bird but there was something wrong with her one leg. One of the hens was actually a rooster. and now i have 2 hens that are 7 months old and still not laying. one of the hens is really small and tiny. The rooster is a gorgeous bird. He did not even crow until he was almost 7 months old and even at that i have only heard him crow 3 times (since we live in town, this is great). when he does crow it sounds like he is inside a building it is so low. He is a very large handsome bird. The best temperament. Since we did not have a rooster we will be keeping his as a flock rooster. the hens are also very even tempered.

  3. Susanna Northrup

    They’re ok birds
    My two Buff Brahma hens were certainly interesting to see grow up. I ordered a mixed flock, and noticed that they were the slowest to mature. They got bowled over by the other chicks quite a bit, but they never got injured. I love how they look, they are nice and fluffy. However, they have no personality, really, and they were the last to lay eggs as well. They pretty much just exist in the flock and eat too much.

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