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The history of where the Blue Slate turkeys originated from is vague because they were never bred for commercial purposes, and their development was not recorded. It has never been proved if the Blue Slate turkey, also called the Lavender turkey,…

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The history of where the Blue Slate turkeys originated from is vague because they were never bred for commercial purposes, and their development was not recorded. It has never been proved if the Blue Slate turkey, also called the Lavender turkey, originated in the New World before European contact, in Europe, or North America. The American Poultry Association first recognized Blue Slate turkeys in 1874. These gorgeous turkeys were developed when the Black Spanish turkey was crossed with the Norfolk Black turkey from England. Two different genetic mutations occurred and produced one variety of the Blue Slate turkey. The Livestock Conservancy has this breed on the watch list.

The Blue Slate can be three different colors because of the genetic mutations. Slate, also called Splash, will be an ashy blue with black spots. Blue is a solid, lighter gray-blue with no spots. This breed can also produce an all-black turkey. Hens are generally lighter in color than toms. Legs and toes are pink; the beak is a horn color; wattles are red, as is the head and throat. The Blue Slate turkey does breed true.

The rare variety of Blue Slate turkey is a popular choice for exhibition purposes. Over the years interest in the robustness, longevity, and delicious flavor of the Blue Slate has captured consumer interest. They are gaining popularity in pastured poultry production because they live long, productive lives which are great for breeding purposes. The Blue Slate turkey is slower to mature than commercial breeds which allow them to build a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs before gaining the majority of their muscle mass. This allows them to produce large amounts of meat and they are ready to process in about 28 weeks.

The Blue Slate turkey is a pleasure in small numbers or large flocks. They thrive in open range environments and would be a great option for your farm or in a backyard setting.


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