Black Jersey Giant

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These big birds have become a favorite for backyard hobbyists in recent years due to their hardiness and dependable laying of large brown and dark brown eggs.


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Back in the late 1800s, brothers, John and Thomas Black sought to develop a chicken that would be able to replace the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. What they eventually created, however, was a very large chicken called the Black Jersey Giant chicken, which got its name from its home state of New Jersey. While the Black Jersey Giant chicken was never able to steal Thanksgiving from the turkey due to its slower maturing nature, it remains one of the largest purebred chickens in the United States and is revered for its egg-laying capabilities. Over the years, many farmers and backyard hobbyists have come to trust Chickens for Backyards for producing superior quality Black Jersey Giant chicks.

Although Black Jersey Giant chickens are on the larger side, they are not aggressive and have a docile and gentle nature. They aren’t known to attack other chickens, and they will, for the most part, keep to themselves when placed on a farm or in a backyard. Black Jersey Giant chicks also grow to be cold weather hardy birds and can sustain almost any climate. Because their beautiful black feathers can attract the heat of the sun, we simply recommend that they always have access to shade in the summertime.

While Black Jersey Giant chickens were never able to replace Thanksgiving turkeys, they are still an excellent source of meat. Hens of this particular breed tend to weigh in at roughly 8 pounds, whereas roosters average around 11 rounds, making a heavy addition to your table. Additionally, Black Jersey Giant hens are capable of producing approximately 260 large brown eggs every year. Chickens for Backyards can help you grow your flock with this outstanding dual-purpose breed by answering any questions you might have about the Black Jersey Giant chicks we have for sale.

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold
 Egg Size Extra Large  Broody Yes
 Egg Production Good  Hen Weight 8 lbs
 Personality Calm and Easy Going  Rooster Weight 11 lbs


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  1. Leota Kucera

    The best
    These are the best chickens. Very friendly. My grandchildren can go feed them and they do not go crazy. The kids can even pet them. Loves attention, and lots of food. Very laid back birds.

  2. Cindy White

    Great Chickens
    Thanks so much for providing me with these beauties! They have the most amazing dark black color. I really enjoy looking at them everyday! Recommendations to all my friends are coming your way!

  3. Leota Kucera

    Great Chickens
    So far these chickens are great. Very easy going. My 5 year old granddaughter can hand feed them. She does put a glove on because sometimes they peck hard, but they do not run from her. Follow her all over the yard. Not sure about laying eggs yet to young.

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