How to Sell Your Backyard Chicken Eggs

There are many rewards to raising backyard chickens. One of those rewards is getting a fresh supply of eggs each day. However, depending on how many chickens you have, you may have too many eggs than you know what to do with. While you have many options in front of you for unloading your extra eggs, the most popular thing to do is to sell them. Here, we go through everything you need to know when selling your backyard chicken eggs.

Preparationman and woman selling eggs and produce at a farmers market

There is a lot of prep work involved in selling your supply of eggs. Below are the steps to help get you ready:

Step 1: Wash Your Eggs

Eggs must be clean if you want to sell them. Freshly laid eggs will have dirt and feces on them. Not only will they be unattractive to look at, but the USDA also insists that eggs be clean when you sell them. To wash your freshly laid eggs, follow our guide here.

Step 2: Egg Grading and Size

Next you need to determine where in the USDA grading scale your eggs reside. Where your eggs belong on the scale will be determined by their quality, sanitary process, appearance, the firmness of the egg whites. There are typically three grades: Grade AA is the highest quality, Grade A is excellent quality, and Grade B is moderate quality.

Size will also come into account. There are six weight classes of eggs: Peewee, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large, and Jumbo. To determine where your egg belongs on this scale, simply read our blog post here.

Step 3: Get Egg Cartons

Eggs are typically sold in egg cartons. However, you cannot use “brand name” egg cartons. Thankfully, you can purchase new egg cartons easily from local farm or garden stores. You can even re-use these cartons so long as they are not damaged or dirty. You should also add a “best before date” on the carton so customers know how long they can use the eggs for.


You’ve taken all the steps above and now it’s time to start selling. But where and how do you sell your eggs? There are a few options in front of you:

Farmer’s Markets

Many chicken owners turn to their local farmer’s markets to sell their eggs. These markets are frequented by a large number of people, so you’re likely to earn a profit. You’ll also start to earn a loyal following from those who frequent the farmer’s markets. You can choose one market or several around your neighborhood; just make sure you follow all the rules that are in place for vendors. You’ll want to call the organizers of the farmer’s market to get set up.

Roadside Stand

While farmer’s markets are popular, some people don’t want to deal with the hassle. That’s why they make their own roadside stands in their front yard. You’ll want to make your stand as attractive as possible so that people are more willing to stop and buy from you. A freshly painted frame, a sign that says how much your eggs cost, and a good presentation will go a long way.

Additionally, provide some instructions so visitors know exactly what they need to do. Many people have visitors go up to their house to ensure no one tries to steal any eggs or any leftover money.

For more information on chicken eggs and selling chicken eggs, read through our blog at Chickens for Backyards.